Chick-Fil-A Fans Are Confused By This 'Split' Chicken Sandwich

Chick-fil-A is a reputed brand that has been around for a really long time in the fast food business. According to its website, the family-run company has been hosting its guests for 70 years and aims to reach out to families by offering all kinds of delicious meal options to its patrons. Chick-fil-A also focuses on ensuring that its food items are served as fresh as possible.

While the fast food company is undoubtedly impressive, it does not always manage to escape controversies. For example, Redditors are currently outraged over what appears to be a "spilt" chicken sandwich. A guest at one of the outlets posted a photo of their meal and wrote a simple question for Chick-fil-A's Reddit group, "Why was my sandwich in two?" The answers were varied, but commentators weren't pleased with what they saw, adding that serving a sandwich like this is simply not acceptable at a chain restaurant.

People aren't happy with this sandwich

The Reddit post attracted a lot of reactions and comments from others in the Chick-fil-A group. The top-rated comment read, "sometimes, they [chicken sandwiches] do split when getting emptied out of the frying racks, but I personally wouldn't ever serve that." Another person agreed with this and added that it seems like the filet in the sandwich broke apart and it shouldn't have been served to the customer.

Someone else wondered if the cook was trying to figure out whether the chicken was fully cooked while preparing the meal. A commentator ruled out this possibility and wrote that they rely on thermometers for that. They came up with two scenarios and wrote, "unfortunately this is being lazy...or it would have been to save time if they had a serious hold." Another Reddit user pointed out that this meal would've definitely failed a Restaurant Quality Assessment on account of the broken filet.