This Might Be The Best Wine To Pair With Hershey's Chocolate

According to Wine Folly, pairing chocolate with wine is not a simple task. There's a lot of flavors going on with these two, and sometimes eating chocolate and drinking wine in the same sitting can send your taste buds into a downward spiral. They explain that some chocolate and wine couplings can make for a bitter and sour ship. This discordance of flavors is largely because each contains their own distinct tannins that sometimes don't mesh very well. This is bad news when candy season, which we would argue begins with Halloween and tapers off around Easter, gets into full swing. Inquiring minds need to know what to drink with their kids' haul from October 31, those chocolate truffles the great aunt sends for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and what to pair for with that heart shaped Valentine full of rich, decadent chocolate.

Luckily, the wine experts anticipated the anxiety this conundrum could cause and took one for the team. Forbes spoke with Brooke Matthias, wine director at Winc, a monthly wine subscription service and Cheryl Indelicato, family founder at Delicato Family Vineyards, who shared a wine and chocolate match made in heaven for anyone who loves a good Hershey's milk chocolate bar and a glass of the vino.

Try a red Zinfandel with Hershey's

You will be blowing kisses — the Hershey kind of course — left and right with this wine recommendation. Per Forbes and wine expert Cheryl Indelicato, Hershey's chocolate tastes delightful alongside a red Zinfandel. "Hershey's creamy milk chocolate will seem to have slight berry flavors woven into every bite when paired with a rich Zinfandel," Indelicato shared. They suggest Gnarly Head's Old Vine Zinfandel, but there are a lot of Zinfandels of the red persuasion on the market, so as with all chocolate and wine relationships, don't be afraid to try a few before you decide which one suits your taste preferences.

Of course, The Spruce Eats notes that sometimes one dynamic duo of chocolate and wine may not be the same from person to person. They encourage lovers of these two indulgent items to experiment until you stumble upon just the right taste and balance for your discerning palate. What if you prefer Hershey's chocolate of the dark variety? Plump Jack Wines recommends a Cabernet Sauvignon. Why a Cabernet? They explain that the "dryness" of the dark chocolate enhances the "blackberry, cherry and plum" elements that are signature of a good Cabernet. But whatever pairing you settle upon for your Hershey's chocolate, just remember to drink responsibly and enjoy.