Whatever Happened To Pili Hunters From Shark Tank?

There's no doubt that "Shark Tank" gives young entrepreneurs and startups an amazing platform to jump-start their businesses from. The impressive panel of sharks has been responsible for turning many amateur ventures into successful businesses — from the family-run Cousins Maine Lobster food truck that got a $55,000 investment from Barbara Corcoran and now brings in sales worth $20 million, to Daymond John who turned the $154,000-making Bubba's Q sauce company into a $16 million business (via Mental Floss).

However, over the years, the sharks have regretted passing up on many businesses that managed to become successful despite having a shark's backing. It seems that Season 11's Pili Hunters falls into the second category. Prior to appearing on "Shark Tank," Pili Hunter's founder Jason Thomas spent his time traveling around the world (via the Pili Hunters website). On one such trip to the Philippines, he discovered the pili nut that is now making him a fortune.

Jason came to the sharks hoping for a $325,000 investment in return for 10% of his company (via TV Insider). Although the sharks seemed impressed by the low-carb nut's taste and the business' $2.5 million sales, things turned south when they realized that Jason had $400,000 stuck in inventory and thought that his business, which was selling 14 items at the time, was trying to do too much at once. The result? No deal for Pili Hunters.

Pili Hunters is still in business

Sometimes, regardless of a deal or no deal with the sharks, simply appearing on "Shark Tank" gives businesses enough publicity to turn them into overnight successes. Not only is Pili Hunters still in business, but it also seems that the nut business is doing pretty well for itself.

Pili Hunters continues to sell Philippines-sourced pili nuts in a variety of flavors as well as keto, vegan, and paleo pili nut butters and chocolate bars made from pili nuts through its own website (via Pili Hunters website). Shark Tank Blog also reports that the nuts are available on Amazon as well as at Walmart. A part of the nut's popularity, it seems, may be due to the Pili Hunters Ambassador Program. Considering Jason had emphasized on pili nuts being suitable for keto diets on "Shark Tank" and wanting to market it that way, the entrepreneur now has a keto nutritionist as well as sportsmen like the Guinness World Record mountain climber Kami Rita Sherpa as his company's ambassadors.

Pili Hunters also has a following of 22,100 users on Instagram and according to Shark Tank Blog, Jason's company brings in $4 million in revenue. It seems like Pili Hunters is doing just fine without the sharks!