36% Of People Agree This Is The Worst Wrap At Arby's

Hamburgers and chicken sandwiches are a dime a dozen in the fast food industry, but when it's a wrap you're craving, your options may be a bit more limited — especially after McDonald's made the devastating decision to take the beloved Snack Wrap off the menu. Your favorite sub shop may be a potential option, though on the occasion that you're not looking to get out of your car when grabbing lunch or dinner, Arby's has five tortilla-encased items that you can easily pick up from the drive-thru window at any one of their 3,426 locations (via Scrape Hero).

For those that have never ordered one of the "fresh, filling, and flavorful" wraps from the Market Fresh side of the Atlanta-based restaurant's menu, it can be hard to decide which one is worthy of replacing the chain's decadent roast beef sammies for your meal. And while we would never try to tell you how to live your life, we did do some digging into the subject in case you're curious about how the flavors compare to one another. A Mashed survey asked 593 people in the U.S. which Arby's wrap they considered the worst out of the five flavors currently listed on the eatery's menu, and based on the results, it's clear which one you'll want to skip.

A majority of respondents found the Creamy Mediterranean Chicken wrap to be a no-go

Not everything from Arby's can be as much of a homerun as their fan-favorite Beef N' Cheddar sandwich. And when it comes to their wraps, it's the chain's Creamy Mediterranean Chicken flavor that struck out with fans. Despite being described on the Arby's website as a "star-studded blockbuster hit food item," the combination of roast chicken, banana peppers, red onions, tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, and Tzatziki sauce all enclosed in an artisan wrap was found to be the least favorable of the restaurants wraps by 36.93% of survey respondents, or 219 people, earning it the unfortunate title of being the worst Arby's wrap. 

The Jalapeño Bacon Ranch Chicken flavor didn't fare too well either, falling closely behind with 29.01% of the votes from 172 people. Though, considering that one Redditor described the menu item as "pretty weak," it didn't come as too much of a surprise.

The Roast Turkey & Swiss and Chicken Club wraps were nearly neck-in-neck in the survey, being pinpointed as the chain's worst wraps by 14% and 13.32% of survey respondents, respectively. While both of these numbers look great next to the results for the aforementioned Creamy Mediterranean Chicken, they hardly pale in comparison to the mere 6.75% of votes that the Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon received in the poll, clearly making it the best option when you're looking to give Arby's wraps a try.