The Most Expensive Hershey's Bar Ever Sold

Hershey's is known for a lot of things. Whether it's the simple candy bar you pick up when you have that nagging sweet tooth or the sprawling 121-acre Hershey Park that serves as a cathedral for all things chocolate, you've most likely had more than a few encounters with Milton Hershey's products. Of course, to talk about Hershey would be nearly impossible without bringing up chocolate. Ever since the first chocolate bar was molded in 1900, Hershey's has been a foundational player in the American sweets scene, even branding itself the moniker of "The Great American Chocolate Bar."

With a wide variety of products that found either sweet success, like the Hershey's Kiss that's been going strong since 1907 (via Hersheyland), or products that melted in the heat of the consumer market, such as the oddly-shaped Swoops, Hershey's has no doubt pulled in plenty of sweet, sweet profit over the years. Much like any company, Hershey's isn't afraid to offer their tasty treats for the biggest price — and what they offer would certainly give even the most sugar-crazed chocoholic a toothache.

The most expensive Hershey's bar weighed 5 pounds

If paying a dollar for a chocolate bar may seem extravagant to you for such a small pierce of milk chocolate, Hershey's offers you a solution. For only a $64.99 price tag, you can order a 5-pound block of solid milk chocolate directly from Hershey's online shop. Described by Hershey's as a chocolate lover's dream come true, this hunk of chocolate measures 18 inch x 9 inch x 1 inch (via JustCandy). So, eating this with just your hands as you would a candy bar may not be a very good option — unless you're willing to jump in mouth first like a true chocoholic. 

Reviews for this colossal chocolate treat are, unsurprisingly, very positive. "The chocolate bar was so smooth and creamy," raved an anonymous reviewer on the Hershey's shop page. "We loved it," they continued. Meanwhile, another asked, "Who wouldn't like [5 pounds] of Hershey's Chocolate?"

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time Hershey's has sold such a candy bar of this magnitude. The chocolate company also sells the World's Largest Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, consisting of two 8-ounce peanut butter cups in a 1 pound package for the humble price of $18.99 and the Ultimate Hershey Kiss, a hefty 1-pound solid Hershey's Kiss wrapped in trademark aluminum foil for $24.99.