The Sneaky Message Hidden In The Baskin-Robbins Logo

It's no secret that logos have a big effect on us as a consumer. Whenever we see the classic Golden Arches of McDonald's, we get hungry for a Big Mac. Whenever we see a Burger King sign out along the highway, we already know the famous "Have it Your Way" slogan without any further prodding. If we see an apple with a bite taken out of it, you would probably think of the newest iPhone model. 

The job of a company's logo is to attract and, put simply, nail the brand into your head, either through slogans, jingles, or colorful pictures. So powerful is the logo's psychological effect on us that according to a 2019 study by Harvard Business Review, the shape and design of the logo can help us build perceptions about the product before we even see it. Gone are the old days of sprawling posters with walls of text and elaborate painted backdrops of the 19th century (via Historic Theatres), all that is needed now is a well thought-out shape.

If you were told, however, that certain logos use subliminal, secret messages to lure you in, you would probably blow it off as conspiracy nonsense. There is some truth to that statement, however, although it is less sinister than all-seeing eyes and ancient societies. Hidden in plain sight, some logos use clever marketing schemes to implant concepts and thoughts in your head, even when you're getting your favorite ice cream at Baskin-Robbins

The hidden message in Baskin-Robbin's is actually a number

Since first opening it's doors in 1945, Baskin-Robbins has become synonymous with little pink spoons, outrageously wild ice cream flavors, and even ice cream cookie pizzas. Of course, the one thing that is sure to come to mind to anyone who frequents this renowned ice cream parlor are the legendary 31 flavors. How is it that the classic number of 31 always seems to stick with people whenever they hear about Baskin-Robbins?

Perhaps the reason isn't just whimsical commercials and childhood nostalgia. Maybe it's because every time you look at the Baskin-Robbins logo, you're always looking directly at the number 31 (via Taste of Home). By looking at the only two pink parts of the logo, you can make out the number 3 in the B and the number 1 in the R. While the numbers have always been a part of the logo since the franchise's founding, the current logo is the only one so far to cleverly hide it's lucky number rather than display it outright. 

Although the humble 31 flavors has now become a cool 1,400 flavors (and growing), it's safe to say the number 31 will always be a part of Baskin-Robbins lore — even if you can't see it.