Reddit Can't Believe This Ridiculous Restaurant Reservation Story

Getting your restaurant reservations right can be so important, especially if you're heading to a place that's usually crowded and popular. According to The Atlantic, it's tough to say where the trend really took off. If you're really curious, think about this: Back in the 19th century, reservations were an elaborate affair and were more common for things like big dinner parties or when you wanted to hire a caterer for a special occasion.

As time went by, reservations became a mainstream concept. According to Travel and Leisure, some exclusive restaurants are incredibly hard to book in advance, such as Rao's in New York City. The Italian eatery is extremely popular and has hosted celebrities such as Billy Crystal. Or you may want to try getting into Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark, a famous restaurant that requires its diners to pay at the time of making their reservations.

Also, while we're on the topic of reservations, a Redditor has shared an unbelievable reservation story that has generated strong reactions from readers.

It's a bit too much

A restaurant worker shared a ridiculous story on Reddit that involved several guests who basically showed up on the wrong date and were rude to the staff. This was a slower day, so the restaurant had more flexibility and could fit them in. The Redditor mentioned that someone from the group said that their booking was for three guests, but there were actually nine of them. Plus, they added that they'd come earlier than expected and would like to get a table immediately. 

When they were at the table, the host popped back inside to check with the group whether their reservation was done under a different name. Well, the "alpha Karen" in the group got offended. The Redditor wrote, "alpha Karen looked at the host like she was the dumbest thing to ever draw breath, and said, 'well CLEARLY the original reservation wasn't for today, it was for next Thursday!'"

Basically, the guests visited nine days before the actual reservation date and gave the restaurant staff difficulty for no reason. One of the most popular comments was hilarious. "That's my mistake, ma'am, and I apologize. If you'll just have a seat right here we'll be with you next Thursday," it read.