Victoria Beckham's Favorite Meal Has The Internet Giving Serious Side Eye

Posh Spice — actual name Victoria Beckham — has more than lived up to her 1990s stage name with the Spice Girls. Her fashion brand was valued at £100 million in 2017 (via The Guardian), or roughly $130 million. One imagines Mrs. Beckham dining at only the finest London restaurants. After all, she and famous football husband David Beckham are good friends with British chef Gordon Ramsay, per Daily Mail. Turns out Beckham isn't so posh after all, at least when it comes to her dining choices when she's out for a meal.

No, the erstwhile Posh Spice is actually quite basic when it comes to food. In his famous 1999 New Yorker essay that would grow into the book "Kitchen Confidential," Anthony Bourdain informed us that eating a meal at a good restaurant means ingesting almost a full stick of butter with your food. Not Victoria Beckham. "To most restaurants I'm probably their worst nightmare," she told River Café's Table 4 podcast (via Daily Mail), adding that she orders steamed vegetables and balsamic vinegar. "I like things to be cooked in a very simple way. I don't like oils or butters or sauces," she said.

Beckham's diet isn't so strict that she denies herself carbs. Still, she probably passes on the crème brûlée for dessert. "This is where I sound even more boring in the food department," she said. "I like whole grain toast with salt on it. It's that carbohydrate that makes you feel comforted, and I love salt."

Twitter reacts to Victoria Beckham's love of toast: 'I bet dinner time is fun in her house'

UK Twitter went mad over the news that toast with salt was Victoria Beckham's "favorite meal" (as the Daily Mail's headline had it — she didn't use those words). "I bet dinner time is fun in her house," Twitter user @Connor_1313_ said. "Sort yourself out girl and start living on the edge by eating it with beans." (In her defense, Beckham did say she enjoyed a drink with dinner: "I can become a very good dinner guest.") Twitter user @jizlack worried Beckham's endorsement of toast and salt would create a skewed impression of women in general. "Can't recall ever reading an article in which a man describes enjoying a diet of bland bread and flavourless vegetables," she said. But Beckham hasn't alienated everyone with her salty confession. "Really pleased Victoria Beckham is brave enough to speak out about this in public," @HenryRiley1 tweeted. "I have been advocating salt and pepper on toast for years. Sad people are only just catching on!"

Turns out steamed vegetables and toast are just the tip of the self-care iceberg for Beckham. The Guardian in 2019 reported on her workout regimen: two hours a day, seven days a week in her home gym. "I am very, very disciplined in the way that I work out, in what I eat. That's how I'm happiest," she said.