Costco Fans Are Impressed By This Steak Dinner

A Reddit user recently posted a mouthwatering inducing photo of a Costco prime tenderloin steak that they made and was met with overwhelmingly positive comments. The styling of the steakhouse worthy slab of beef was topped with roasted garlic and sprigs of thyme, accompanied by French fries and a glass of Kirkland cognac. The presentation was truly worthy of a professional photo shoot. A Redditor cut straight to the chase, commenting, "I was almost speechless. Geez. What did you do here please share."

At one point in the Reddit conversation, a tongue-and-cheek exchange between the original poster and fans of the photo emerged. One user of the platform asked them, "I have been trying to call you to make reservations to your fine establishment. Looks delish." Another commenter jokingly chimed in, "Table for two at 6:00 pm. Preferably on the patio," before the original poster replied, "Coming soon to a Costco near you" with a winky-face emoji.

What's the secret to cooking a perfect steak?

Although the Reddit user didn't specify what beef they used, we're guessing the tenderloin they cooked and presented was Costco's Rastelli USDA Choice Black Angus Filet Mignon. Usually priced at $209.99 for a 16-pack of five-ounce filets, it's on sale for $179.99 through October 18, or while supplies last. On the Costco website, the steaks have an overall rating of 4.4 stars, with more than half of the 484 reviews to date coming in at five stars. But the packaged filets have some detractors with one reviewer commenting, "I cooked the meat medium rare and the texture was a bit like sawdust ... the taste wasn't like filet mignon. It must be aa [sic] very low grade filet mignon. I like the size and shape of the meat, but not the taste."

Maybe success is in the preparation. Over on Reddit users shared their own secrets on how to cook a steak just right. One user wrote, "My guess is cook in oven at 250F/120C until center reaches 90F, appx 20-25 minutes, but this method really works best with a thermometer. Then sear in a ripping hot pan ~ 90s per side plus sides. Something like that anyways." So, you could always try this technique or just use our easy method for cooking the perfect filet mignon