Antoni Porowski Swears By This Starbucks Breakfast

Chef, author, and "Queer Eye" star Antoni Porowski loves all things food. According to Thrillist, he believes that cooking doesn't have to be elaborate. In his cookbook, "Antoni: Let's Do Dinner," the chef made a conscious decision to share relatable recipes. "I didn't want it to just be a one-off, where they try a recipe once, but it has 20 different elements, so they don't want to make it again," he explained.

However, despite being so talented in the kitchen, Porowski is only human and has days when he doesn't feel like stepping into the kitchen. He said that this is especially a problem if he has to prepare food only for himself. He's likely to get lazy and simply order in. Yet, when he does want to cook and feel motivated, music keeps him going on a tough day.

He's really dedicated to breakfast, by the way. Whenever he's home, he makes sure to prepare something delicious and healthy for himself.

Antoni Porowski's breakfast order is interesting

In the conversation with Thrillist, Antoni Porowski wished he was having a "chic" breakfast from Starbucks on the morning of the interview. "My assistant's sitting right next to me, and if I lie, she's going to give me a weird look," he joked. What's his go-to order at Starbucks in the mornings? The egg white sous vides. 

He really enjoys them and isn't apologetic about that. According to Starbucks, the menu item is "prepared using the French 'sous vide' technique" which gives the eggs a "velvety texture bursting with flavor." Simple but full of delicious flavors and high on protein, eh?

Porowski really does love digging into eggs during breakfast time. He said that when he's cooking at home, he tends to prepare yummy scrambled eggs and ensures that he spends some time perfecting the dish. Some of his favorite toppings include za'atar, Everything but the Bagel seasoning, ketchup, and more.