The Ridiculous Way This McDonald's Employee Got Back At A Rude Customer

If you've ever worked in fast food — and chances are, you have — you are very familiar with how rude customers can be. Whether they're getting impatient about the wait, demanding items not on the menu, or just being a Karen, customers can be the actual worst.

Those working in the service industry know the key to handling rude customers is to remain calm and polite, even when "Chicken Tender Man" makes a habit of coming in and ordering two minutes before closing. However, it can sometimes be difficult to not become passive aggressive or equally rude.

For better or for worse, the rise of technology (especially social media apps like TikTok and Snapchat) launches these challenging moments for fast food workers right into the public's eye. While capturing a little revenge prank on video might not seem like a bad idea in the moment, it can have disastrous results for everyone involved. 

McDonald's employee pranks customer

TikTok user @mcdanksb**** posted in early August about a rude customer at McDonald's. In the short clip, the employee prepares a cafe beverage for an order. However, instead of topping the drink with caramel sauce, the employee uses a sweet and sour sauce packet.

According to Newsweek, the TikTok video racked up over 7.6 million views and received more than 100,000 comments. Because the video gives no hint as to whether or not the drink was actually given to the customer, the comments were mixed. Some viewers found the prank amusing, while others were enraged. Two weeks after the initial video was posted, @mcdanksb**** posted a second clip saying they had been fired.

While many commenters said the former employee deserved to be fired for the prank, far fewer were concerned about the customer behavior that had led the employee to retaliate in the way they did.