The Wild Saga Of Guy Fieri's Stolen Car

We may all be used to seeing Guy Fieri in his signature red Camaro, but the Mayor of Flavortown has a taste for different kinds of cars. He might have gotten used to not seeing at least one of them, though it wasn't his choice. According to Eater, back in 2011 during a shoot for a Chicago-based episode of his famed show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," Fieri was having a car serviced at a dealership all the way out in San Francisco. The car in question: a not-so-shabby yellow Lamborghini. A yellow Lamborghini that was stolen not by a seasoned criminal mastermind on law enforcement's "most wanted" list but by a 16-year-old kid.

Max Wade, the thief in question, was seemingly able to pull off the impossible. An ABC News report details how he scaled down the wall of the dealership with a rope and popped into an open window. According to local police, Wade had Google-searched things like "mission impossible style rappelling," picking locks, and how to disable theft prevention systems. All of which he did. From there, Wade cut the locks on the dealership doors and drove out like it was nothing. It wasn't until more than a year later when Wade was picked up for a completely separate crime that Flavortown's first citizen was reunited with his Lambo.

How the Lamborghini kid got caught

Though there had been sighting of Guy Fieri's yellow Lambo out and about for joyrides, Wade was elusive. The long arm of the law couldn't reach him until, according to CBS News, Wade pulled up on a young woman and her boyfriend while on a motorcycle. Reportedly fixated on the woman romantically and upset about her relationship, he opened fire, taking the notion of doing anything for love to a whole new level. The prosecutor in his case even suggested that Wade was trying to impress the girl he shot at when he rode off with Fieri's Lamborghini more than a year earlier.

As reported by San Francisco magazine, police connected Wade to a storage facility where they not only chanced upon the Lamborghini but a slew of incriminating materials that would later help put him in prison with a life sentence for attempted murder and car theft. Among the objects found were a fake police uniform, phone jamming equipment, an assault rifle, and even rappelling gear – perhaps the very kind needed to scale down the wall of an auto dealership. Thankfully, Fieri had other cars or we might have been watching "Diners, Walk-ins, and Dives."