The Space-Saving Cooking Hack Rachael Ray Swears By

When it comes to the kitchen, cleanliness is next to godliness. A tidy, organized cooking space is a thing to behold, yet it is also difficult to achieve. If you aren't constantly cleaning, clutter can take over your counter space and tabletops, transforming your kitchen into a culinary war zone. With mixers, blenders, and toasters that have taken up permanent residence on all surfaces — plus innumerable canisters that make an organized pantry sound like a faraway dream — there's no room for you to actually cook. No doubt about it, kitchen clutter is the worst. 

Thankfully, according to Rachael Ray In Season, there are ways to solve this problem. For starters, the article suggests putting as much as you can in drawers and cabinets, rather than on the countertops. But what if that doesn't solve the problem? Rachael Ray, the queen of "30 Minute Meals," is all too familiar with the challenge. (That's right: Even celebrity chefs struggle with kitchen decluttering). Years of experience have taught Ray a space-saving hack that will add to your countertop space and give you a little more room to do all that slicing, dicing, and spicing for your favorite recipes.  

She rests her cutting board over the kitchen sink

Ray shared with the Food Network that she is a huge fan of cutting boards. In fact, she has cleverly created more counter space in her kitchen by placing a very large cutting board over her sink. This not only creates extra counter space for chopping ingredients and other food prep, but it also makes it easier to wash veggies and fruits before slicing them. Want to try the trick for yourself? You don't even have to buy a cutting board that is specifically made for over-the-sink use, per The Kitchn. Just browse until you find a board that's big enough to rest over your sink, noting that some extra length will ensure it doesn't slip while you are using it. 

Another way that Ray keeps her kitchen counters clear is by resisting the urge to buy lots of gadgets. She has a few favorites — like her Vitamix and immersion blender — but by relying on just a few efficient tools instead of several single-use ones, she's able to keep clutter (and the stress of having a crowded cooking space) to a minimum.