Gordon Ramsay Was Brought To Tears By Daughter Tilly's Most Recent Performance

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Tilly Ramsay made her debut in 2021 as a cast member on "Strictly Come Dancing," a British show similar to "Dancing with the Stars" in which celebs pair off with professional dancers to compete in themed dance battles each week. No stranger to TV, the young woman has quite the list of accomplishments under her 19-year-old belt, including over nine million TikTok followers, a cooking show called "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch" on CBBC, a cookbook based on the series, as well as regular hosting gigs with her dear old dad, Gordon Ramsay.

On "Strictly Come Dancing," Tilly is facing off against some big names like Greg Wise and Nina Wadia. According to the official "Strictly Come Dancing" site, Tilly's friends and family were excited about her participation in the competition. Her brother served as the exception, stating "you cannot dance." It seems Tilly has already delivered on her promise to prove him wrong. In fact, her most recent performance was so inspiring that her father couldn't blot his tears fast enough.

Tilly's Charleston moves Ramsay to tears

It appears Gordon Ramsay could not be happier to share the spotlight with his kiddo. Tilly took the stage with her "Strictly Come Dancing" partner Nikita Kuzmin to perform a Charleston and wow the judges enough to score 34 points out of 40. During the episode, you can clearly see Ramsay wiping away his tears between clapping and cheering her performance (via Twitter). Tilly's mother Tana had a similar reaction.

Although no one can truly speak for fans, it's possible many of Tilly's 9.5 million TikTok followers were cheering right along with her parents. Ramsay even took to his own Instagram page to layer on the praise, captioning his photo with a note on how amazing her dancing was and encouraging followers to vote. "So proud well done," wrote Ramsay. What a dad!

Ramsay previously warned Tilly not to date any "Strictly" dancers, even telling Nikita to "do that shirt up" in a tweet. It seems he has made his peace with the partnership — at least for now.