Sprite Has Good News For Fans Of Its Beloved Holiday Flavor

As hard as it may be to believe, we are entering the tail end of the year, which means the holidays are almost upon us. And while that may mean lots of additional end of year stress, it's also time to start looking forward to all of the special seasonal releases that can only be enjoyed around the holidays. Sprite is already getting into the holiday spirit with the return of its popular winter flavor, Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry. The seasonal beverage was first released in 2013, revamped in 2019, and has since become a beloved fan favorite, according to Comic Book.

This year, Sprite will be celebrating the drink's return with a special "Sprite Holiday Special" TV spot in partnership with UNWRP, a Black-owned custom gift wrap company. UNWRP will even be creating a custom gift wrap inspired by the holiday flavors of Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry, which will be available through special giveaways beginning on October 4, per Coca-Cola. The beverage features the crisp lemon-lime flavor of a classic Sprite, but with a kick of "tart cranberry" and a seasonal blend of warm winter spices. It will be available for purchase for a limited time in 20-oz. or 2-liter bottles at participating retailers nationwide.

Sprite will be debuting a zero-sugar version of Winter Spiced Cranberry

The brand even made an official announcement about the beverage's return on their Twitter account, asking their followers "Is it too early to hype up the return of Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry or nah?" Based on the replies, it is indeed never too early to start talking about this popular seasonal release. "HECK NO ITS THE BEST THING EVERRR!" one very enthusiastic fan replied

But this year's Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry launch will come with a twist. The brand announced they will also be releasing a zero sugar, zero calorie option for fans who need (or want) to be mindful of their sugar intake, but don't want to miss out on the chance to enjoy this special flavor. "We continue to listen to our fans, who love the taste of Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry but have been asking for a zero-calorie version, by taking steps to provide options for everyone during the holiday season," Emily Hecker, associate brand manager of sparkling flavors for Coca-Cola, said in a press release. The zero sugar version will only be available in 2-liter bottles, so we hope you're thirsty!