Reddit Can't Believe This Video Of One Aldi Customer's Destructive Rampage

It is a common fact of life that you can see plenty of strange things in a supermarket, but most of the time, you probably just run into the average, everyday folks from your neighborhood in between the bread aisle and the cereal aisle. Still, there are times you can see some truly shocking things. From the infamous "Gallon Smashing" videos of by-gone 2013 (via ABC News) to public freak-outs and meltdowns captured on camera (via Eater), there are truly some sights that make you wish you went straight home instead of stopping for milk. 

Of course, while these bizarre moments tend to have some explanation behind them — such as pranks or arguments about prices — other times, it seems like there's no explanation for even the most outrageous behavior. And one woman's wine bottle rampage in a United Kingdom Aldi's proved to be the latter.

One woman's rampage leaves Reddit stunned

In November 2020, a video emerged of a woman in the Hertfordshire branch of Aldi's casually sweeping bottle after bottle of liquor onto the floor, The Independent reported. With only the sounds of shattered glass bottles and shocked murmurs to accompany her, the woman silently stepped among the pool of spirits and broken glass in an almost methodical trance, going from top to bottom to toss armfuls of bottles into the aisle. Commenters on the Reddit board r/PublicFreakout were stunned by the woman's apparently motiveless destruction. Some users were quick to denounce the woman and her actions, while others had sympathy for the workers who would be forced to clean the mess up.

"Literally need disaster recovery people for this," stated user u/mental_soup. "Was hoping she'd slip and fall over her mess, surely that'd teach a lesson," said user u/sixnb, no doubt infuriated by the senseless destruction of this woman's pulverization of pinot noir. 'It's a loss for the store, sure, whatever," says user KifferFadybugs. "But some poor associate making minimum wage has to clean alllll that up now. It takes so long to properly clean up a -single- dropped bottle." Others, however, were able to find humor in the situation. "Some people really mean it when they quit drinking," wrote u/Kouzelny.

The reason for the woman's bottle-breaking brew-ha-ha is still unknown, though she was safely detained by police who arrived at the store a few minutes after the isolated rampage (via The Sun).