The One Grocery Store Item Jason Derulo Can't Live Without

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Jason Derulo's washboard abs always get the internet talking. How could they not! The guy is ripped, largely because the "Savage Love" singer and TikTok sensation keeps a pretty grueling workout schedule. Per GQ, Derulo hits the gym at least five to six times each week. And if you ever see him lift golf carts or pulling cars, that's just his way of "having fun." He also likes to box. What does Derulo eat? He told the men's magazine, "I'm always just trying new things and trying to fulfill my body, but at the same time have the best body that I can. I'm also aging, so different things work at different times." 

The celebrity with all the right dance moves goes on further to confess he used to whip up his salmon into a salmon shake, does intermittent fasting, and eats bone broth when he has overindulged. But the super talented Derulo is really like the rest of us and "would much rather just eat fries," as the star told GQ. Cue the gushing emoji with all the hearts. Still, even though Derulo is all about trying new things, there is one go-to item from the grocery store that he is always buying and drinking.

Jason Derulo loves Yogi ginger tea

Jason Derulo shared with the New York Magazine's The Strategist that his must-have grocery store item is a tea that he uses to keep his voice silky smooth, and it is none other than Yogi ginger tea. Derulo said, "This tea coats your vocal cords. I drink it once or twice a day. After I've been on tour for a while, my voice gets fatigued — just a laugh or a sneeze could mean a really, really difficult show.  So the more that I'm able to ease and comfort my throat, the better." What is it about this team that makes this tea the perfect elixir for Derulo?

Derulo went on to share that while some people believe lemon is the magic for coating their throat, they are incorrect. Derulo said, "That's actually the worst thing you can do. It's kind of like putting citrus on a cut. If your vocal cords are stressed, citrus just makes it worse." Yogi Ginger tea is described on Amazon as containing "lively ginger," "invigorating lemongrass," and "spicy black pepper." Definitely a soothing but spicy combination, which is fitting for Derulo.