The Restaurant Named World's Best For 2021 May Come As No Surprise

With every year comes a new list of the 50 best restaurants in the world, and every year the list is comprised almost of entirely European restaurants, which really isn't a huge surprise to anyone. What is a little bit surprising is that this year's winner is technically a restaurant that was won in the past, despite the rule created in 2019 that says previous winners of the number one spot are ineligible for that same title in the future (via Eater). 

Maybe you've seen one of the many documentaries covering this restaurant, or maybe you follow Rene Redzepi on Instagram, but either way, you've probably heard about Noma at some point in your life. The Copenhagen restaurant has been voted as the best restaurant in the world five times, tying with Spain's El Bulli for most wins in that category. Noma is technically new Noma, which debuted in 2018 with a new location and new menu structure, making it eligible for another win this year.

What makes Noma so special?

Based in Copenhagen and masterminded by the famous Rene Redzepi, Noma offers a fresh, new, and Nordic take on what it means to be a locavore. Redzepi's famed fermenting and foraging techniques mean the items on the menu are always fresh, local, and prepared in tantalizingly unexpected ways (including the plankton cake, which is pictured above). The offerings at Noma rotate seasonally based on what Redzepi is able to forage from his surroundings, meaning that no two visits will ever be quite the same. 

This global dining destination has gained recognition largely due to Redzepi and his team's innovative and inventive use of ingredients, taking things not commonly consumed (including reindeer penis, deer brain, and bugs, per The World's 50 Best), and transforming them into delicious dishes that delight the palate. Noma's ingenuity is unmatched — it's unlike any dining experience in the world and the restaurant's popularity (as well as its many accolades) is undeniably well-deserved.