The Worst Jack In The Box Shake According To 34% Of People

Jack in the Box is one of those places everyone knows about. And it makes sense: the brand has been making waves among its customers since 1951 (via Delish). Here's a cool fact: the brand's founder, Robert O. Peterson, changed the drive-thru concept in a big way. Basically, he added a "two-way" intercom setup by acquiring its rights from an Alaskan restaurant. It was a huge hit and the setup was added to all Jack in the Box outlets.

The brand has also been innovating its menu offerings for many years. For example, the company offered the first breakfast sandwich in the fast food business in the 1960s, something that motivated other fast food companies to (in some cases, very successfully) follow suit.

Jack in the Box remains a popular name in fast food today, with lots of menu options including burgers, shakes, desserts, salads, tacos, and more. Among its iconic shakes, one flavor surprisingly doesn't hit the mark.

Strawberry isn't too popular

According to a Mashed survey that was conducted among 630 participants in the U.S., the strawberry shake from Jack in the Box is simply average and doesn't impress as much as its peers. 34.44% of the respondents think it's the worst flavor available at the restaurant. Other shake options in the survey were Oreo, which was disliked by 27.30% of survey participants, chocolate (19.84%), and vanilla (18.41%, making it the most liked shake flavor at the chain).

Jack in the Box's website does have an interesting description for its strawberry flavor, though. It reads, "Every berry had a chance, but—in the end—only strawberry deserved to be in Jack's old-fashioned thick shakes topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. Boysenberry is still bitter it didn't get the gig." Like many other desserts, it's not the healthiest. This bad boy will cost you 660 calories if you order the "regular" (16-ounce) size. It also has 23 grams of fat, 102 grams of carbs, and a whopping 87 grams of sugar. Best to save your calories for something better, or at least a tastier type of milkshake.