Aldi Shoppers Have Mixed Feelings About These Caramel Apple-Scented Candles

It is now officially autumn, which means that (in some parts of the country) the air is cool, the leaves are crisp, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. If you want to enjoy the aromas of said pumpkin spice, Starbucks is far from the only place you can go. Classic fall flavors like pumpkin, apple, and even caramel tend to dominate menus this time of year, but they are not only popular in seasonal beverages and tasty desserts: They can also make for some pretty appetizing scents, which is why they're the perfect selection for candles that imbue your home with a warm, cozy feeling.

While many seasonal candles can be expensive, Aldi, a grocery chain known for its low prices, sells them at a starting price of $3.99, a fraction of the cost of those you might find at purveyors like Bath & Body Works, the Aisle of Shame fan blog reports. Aldi's 2021 fall home goods include candles in fragrances like pumpkin praline, honey glazed pear cider, and toasted pumpkin marshmallow, the blog says. And on Reddit, the conversation is all about the store's triple-layer candle that boasts caramel, apple, and pumpkin aromas in one ombré orange tower.

Some shoppers are fans, and others have smelled better

One Aldi shopper who recently purchased the autumn-inspired candle shared a photo of the product to Reddit. The caramel apple pumpkin rendition is part of Aldi's Huntington Home brand's collection of $5.99 triple-layer candles, according to an Instagram post by fan account @aldifavoritefinds. Other scents in the line include sugar cookie and orange cranberry bundt cake. While it might seem like these candles should make customers' homes smell like a fall wonderland, some shoppers have complained that they didn't meet their expectations, emitting a very weak scent even when burned for long periods.

"Does yours have any scent? Mine can burn for 3 hours and I barely smell it unless I'm standing right on top of it," u/Seraphym1313 asked about the caramel apple pumpkin candle on Reddit. Another user agreed, saying they bought two that both had "terrible throw." But not everyone was dissatisfied with the find. U/Save_Bandit called it their favorite Aldi candle so far, while another happy user reported it was "perfect for this time of year." 

Most shoppers seem to be pleased with the smell of these candles when cold, but their scent throw when burned has mixed reviews. If you'd rather buy a more tried-and-true Aldi candle that delivers a rich, intense aroma, a few commenters on Reddit and @aldifavoritefinds' Instagram post shared that the store's three-wick candles smell stronger than the triple-layer version. Check out the details on those Huntington Home candles, which are even more affordable at $3.99, at your nearest Aldi and on the Aisle of Shame blog.