Instagram Is Freaking Out Over Ryan Reynolds' Saucy Response To Stanley Tucci Cooking

If you're a fan of Ryan Reynolds, you know he is the king of the trolls. Not the ones that live under a bridge and give you clues so you can pass, but the other definition — the one that describes people who hop on social media just to pull pranks on people. In fact, while some may know him only for his acting — and sublime cocktail-making — skills, Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively have also developed quite a reputation for trolling each other (per Elle). Take, for instance, the time they cropped one another out of photos, or when they posted the most unflattering picture they could find (via Glamour), complete with captions to fit. 

And he famously feuds with fellow celeb Hugh Jackman through trolling posts as well, taking their joke fights to commercials, and even going so far as to make a Deadpool trailer mocking his "rival," according to The Standard UK's timeline. 

And so it seems he has chosen his newest victim: beloved actor Stanley Tucci. 

He's still the king

Tucci posted a video of himself making some homemade pasta and sauce. In the Instagram video, he is seen flipping the pasta, adding sauce and folding it together, as a voice in the background asks if he wants parmesan. The celeb is all smiles in the video captioned "11pm marinara and left over pasta. As promised." And while many commented lovingly, with notes like "Wow!!! Now I'm hungry because of this" and "Food looks amazing," nothing beat the comment from Ryan Reynolds. 

Adding his own response to Tucci's 11pm snack, Reynolds commented, "Dear god, you are a SNACK." People seemed to respond more to Reynolds' comment than the video at one point, with his line garnering over 50 comments and 2,889 likes. Of course, plenty of fans also agreed with Reynolds' assessment. And better yet, Stanley Tucci himself gave a response to Reynolds of his own, writing, "you're pretty yummy yourself." 

Now that's a delicious celebrity exchange.