The Real Reason Anne Burrell Always Wears Skirts

Celebrity chef Anne Burrell is a fierce chef who's made a name for herself in the culinary business. The Food Network star has a striking personality and stands out with her spiky hair and unabashed attitude. Burrell is comfortable being herself and often posts relatable updates on social media for her fans.

For example, in one of her Instagram posts, she's seen posing in a selfie with a face mask on. Her caption reads, "Doing a little 'self care' today." Fans can't stop themselves from wondering whether she's got avocado on her face. Meanwhile, another fan added that they love a little downtime at home.

Per AOL, Burrell realized that she wanted to be a full-time chef in her early 20s. She wasn't happy with her life and knew that she had to do something to change it. She took a risk and followed her heart, diving into the culinary world. This was a great decision: The chef has never strayed away from her passion since she began and still finds things like kitchen supply stores exciting. 

Also, if you've been wondering, Burrell's fashion aesthetic is a conscious choice, something that the chef is happy to acknowledge.

Anne Burrell wants to make a statement

Anne Burrell isn't someone who lets herself get bogged down by a competitive business. According to AOL, she made the choice to wear skirts often for several reasons. Burrell said, "It's comfortable, it's cute, it's a way for me to maintain my femininity in a masculine field and it's just fun!" What a simple but profound statement.

As NBC News noted, Burrell faced some resistance from her family when she declared that she wanted to be in the culinary industry. Her dad said, "You wanna do what? A girl like you wants to go to work in a kitchen?" At the time, there weren't many female icons in the business. Per Burrell, her class in culinary school mostly had men. In fact, only 10% of the students were female. Burrell didn't get overwhelmed. She said, "As a girl chef, you learn how to work harder and talk dirtier." She told herself that she would make her presence in a kitchen "invaluable" in order to achieve to her dream.

The skirts are a good luck charm

For Burrell, a bold sense of style is an undeniable part of her personality. For example, she loves buying white sneakers. She once told US Weekly, "My summertime kicks are white Converse Jack Purcells. I buy a couple of pairs at a time, and when they're not bright white anymore, I toss them." The fashionable chef also likes to keep handy essentials such as a good eyeliner, makeup wipes, and lip gloss in her purse.

Also, she's a bit superstitious about skirts and experiments with them for a reason. She said in the interview with Restaurant Girl, "The cowgirl skirts are a good luck charm when we do 'Iron Chef.' I wore a kitty skirt one time and we lost, never again! I do wear a skirt every day in the kitchen." Her explanation is pretty simple: She says that many women in Italy choose skirts while preparing food in the kitchen and she doesn't see any reason why she cannot do the same in New York City. It's a good point!

Also, the chef is now so used to donning skirts that she's genuinely very comfortable wearing them and prefers a nice flattering skirt over pants.

Burrell's skirts have inspired others

As a fashionable culinary icon who can cook up a storm in the kitchen, Anne Burrell has definitely managed to inspire her fans. Whether it's her spiky hair, her trendy clothes, and beautiful accessories, the successful chef loves to embrace fashion in all its glory. She once posted a photo of colorful "cooking skirts" on Facebook and wrote that having access to an entire rack of skirts never fails to lift her spirits. 

Her fans loved the photo and couldn't help but relate to her. A commenter wrote, "You are the reason I started sewing skirts and wearing them in the kitchen as a Chef years ago!! Thank you." What a compliment. Another fan mentioned that they loved how Burrell stayed away from industry stereotypes as a female chef. Another Facebook user added that they believe that this is her signature style and makes Anne Burrell who she is. Several others wondered where the chef chooses to buy her skirts from. A comment summed things up nicely. It read, "love your wardrobe, so upbeat and colorful, like you Chef!!"