Everything You Need To Know About Tiny Food Fight's Mamrie Hart

If you love watching cooking competitions, you might feel like you have seen it all. Luckily, a new program has hit Discovery+ that takes food challenges to the next level, per Guilty Eats. The new show, "Tiny Food Fight," pits three challengers against each other over the span of two rounds for the chance to bring home $5,000 and a miniature trophy. Each challenge centers on a specific theme that requires the competitors to create incredibly tiny food using miniature kitchen appliances, utensils, and bowls. With a set of challenges this outlandish, you could only hope a host has what it takes to put the competition in perspective.

The show tapped comedian Mamrie Hart for the role of host, and you couldn't ask for a better personality. In an interview with Broadway World, Hart said she couldn't wait to help bring this new series to life. "I am completely obsessed with tiny food," she said. "You know that video of a hamster eating a burrito that went viral? I am responsible for two-thirds of those views. So, when I was given the opportunity to host 'Tiny Food Fight,' I was all in! What amazes me is the accuracy and detail the chefs bring to the competition."

Hart's personality goes far beyond the love of miniature food — this comedian-turned-host has a ton of talents and is more than meets the eye.

Mamrie Hart kept her life secret in order to write an autobiography

Mamrie Hart made her name as a YouTube celebrity and usually doesn't have anything to hide, per Los Angeles Times. While this openness has attracted a ton of fans, it makes the comedian's life harder when she needs to share secrets. After a publisher tapped her to write an autobiographical memoir, Hart decided to go on an adventure with a small group of friends to inspire new stories that she then kept secret.

Hart ended up going on a trip to Europe, and her book chronicles the secret trek across Amsterdam, Paris, and beyond while the comedian documented the breakdown of a 10-year relationship, what it felt like to date, the feeling of living alone, and a ton of out-of-control travel stories. "With both of these books, I just wanted to give an honest account of the stories because they are usually so fun and crazy," Hart told the Los Angeles Times. "But if there is an element of me being upset, it would be a disservice not to include that."

Mamrie Hart loves eating at Benihana

Anyone who loves Asian cuisine with a touch of American kitsch needs to eat at a Benihana once in their life. This restaurant chain opened in 1964 and claims to be America's first teppanyaki grill, per the restaurant's website. Customers can watch trained chefs cook their meals in front of them on massive grills. According to Mental Floss, this restaurant became synonymous with birthday dinners and eventually took America by storm, 

The eatery's legacy lives on in the love shown by Mamrie Hart. In a 2016 interview with The New York Times, Hart admitted to enjoying the restaurant so much, it became a key focus on her YouTube series "HeyUSA," and she had to stop into one when she found herself in the middle of Alaska. "There was one time we were in Anchorage, Alaska," Hart told The New York Times. "On a whim, I asked Siri where the nearest Benihana was, and she was, like, '0.3 miles.' I don't know if I've ever lost it so hard."

Mamrie Hart has a signature cocktail

When you want to create a cooking show, you can't ask for a better host than Mamrie Hart. In addition to loving food, Hart helped make her name as the author of "You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Adventures and Tales of Debauchery" and the creator of the YouTube series "You Deserve a Drink," per Today. In addition to loving cocktails, Hart knows how to whip up a few, including a signature mixed drink that can liven up any get-together.

The comedian made a television appearance on "Today" back in 2015 and showed audiences how to make the Bad Apple, a take on an apple martini that uses apple cider, vodka, apple brandy, ginger liqueur, caramel dipping sauce, and ice. With ingredients that delicious, anyone can get excited for one or three of these signature creations. Hart took things a step further and went on to show off her own take on sangria, dubbed The Kathie Lee & Hoda Drink. This concoction combines pinot grigio, lychees, kiwis, and vodka together to form a drink any fruit-lover can get behind.