Tiny Food Fight: Release Date, Episodes, And More - What We Know So Far

When it comes to food, size matters. And while portion sizes continue to be debated, and creators continue to blow our minds coming up with giant dishes like America's largest pizza, there's another food trend that's become just as popular — bite sizes. In fact, the appeal has now even sparked a whole new cooking competition called "Tiny Food Fight." While the title might bring to mind a baby food fight (and really, we need that to happen), this series — coming to Discovery+ — is actually all about contestants creating the perfect miniature foods, with the idea being they have to pack a ton of flavor into a single bite. The other kicker is they have to use tiny appliances to do so. 

"Tiny food is having more than a moment, it's an undeniable trend that Food Network is raising to the next level," said Courtney White, President, Food Network and Cooking Channel. "Who knew the world's smallest meal could be cooked over a tealight candle?"

While fans of all things tiny food will have to wait some time before the show premieres, Mashed got the scoop on what to expect from the anticipated series — and after getting the details, you'll be itching to add the show to your queue.

When's the release date for 'Tiny Food Fight'?

According to a press release, as picked up by Broadway World, "Tiny Food Fight" is set to stream on Discovery+ starting Thursday, September 16. Throughout each episode, three talented cooks will be challenged in two rounds to create tiny foods based on various themes and prompts.

The rounds will include tasks like creating fair foods and canapes for birthday parties to bite-sized bar foods and even international dishes — meaning there's something to pique everyone's interest, whether the food is tiny or not. And as the premise of the show is tiny, they'll have to use mini-sized utensils and appliances to make each one, dollhouse-style.

By the end of the episode, the participant that created the most prized small bites in both rounds will receive a tiny trophy and a big $5,000 check.

Who will be the host and judges of 'Tiny Food Fight'?

Not only does the show have a great premise, it has a great cast of characters, too. It will be hosted by comedian and social media star Mamrie Hart known for her popular YouTube show "You Deserve A Drink" and a legion of fans that have contributed more than 96 million views of her content and counting.

"I am completely obsessed with tiny food. You know that video of a hamster eating a burrito that went viral? I am responsible for two-thirds of those views," said Hart in the press release, per Broadway World. "So, when I was given the opportunity to host Tiny Food Fight, I was all in!" She adds what amazes her about the participants "is the accuracy and detail the chefs bring to the competition." As she says, "Their scale of cooking might be miniature, but the level of cooking they bring is on par with any other food show you would see."

According to this Facebook page, it appears Hart previously helmed an early iteration of the show, also called "Tiny Food Fight" with chef Richard Blais judging. However, for the revamped Discovery+ series, she will be joined by Darnell Ferguson, a "Chopped" champion, who will be the primary judge. For his part, it's said "Ferguson will review dishes based on creativity, taste, presentation, and how well the dish fits the theme."

SaId Courtney White, President, Food Network and Cooking Channel of the duo, "Mamrie and Darnell add to the fun with their signature humor and expertise." So there's lots to look forward to here!

What will the 'Tiny Food Fight' episodes entail?

So far, Discovery+ has revealed that there will be six 30-minute episodes in the initial run. During each, three contestants will compete and, of course, only one will win. Per the press release, the first episode will feature classic sports bar appetizers. While not much is known yet, it was teased that one dish succeeds in gaining an advantage for the second round. And as the contestants move on in that first episode to make itty-bitty stacked burgers, things get even more interesting when one of the tiny kitchens catches fire.

While fans will have to tune in to find out much more and keep up-to-date with the latest dramas in the tiny kitchens, other announced themes include diner food such as breakfast favorites and late-night snacks to satisfy the munchies. As well, Thai and Japanese cuisines will also be tackled in the tiny kitchens, and contestants will even have to make sweet treats and desserts measuring in at just the size of a quarter in another episode. We'll be tuning in to see it all come together.