The Surprising Cooking Tool Antonia Lofaso Calls A Must Have

When celebrity chefs are asked what kitchen tools everyone should have stowed away at home, chances are you have the essentials on hand already. You might expect them to suggest having sharp knives, quality cutting boards, a food processor, or perhaps a cast iron skillet as many top cooks have recommended (via Insider). But Antonia Lofaso, the chef who has appeared on shows like "Top Chef" and "Chopped," has other ideas about what home cooks need to have.

The culinary star told Chowhound that anyone who cooks, should have a camp stove stashed away somewhere. Though many of her other kitchen essentials are very simple and rather inexpensive tools like knives, a Microplane, a mandoline slicer and even a basic pair of tongs, the easy-to-use camp stove is also on her list of must-haves. While the pick might seem rather unconventional at first glance, Lofaso does have an excellent point behind the selection.

This is why Antonia Lofaso thinks everyone should have a camp stove

The reason Lofaso loves camp stoves so much that they actually make her list of essential kitchen tools, has everything to do with functionality and portability. Camp stoves can be bought with one or two burners, and all they need is a canister of butane to fuel them (via REI). For Lofaso, that's a huge perk because she does not need anyone else or any other supplies to power the stoves. They are also small enough that she can carry them anywhere she goes in her car, which often includes events. 

"Keep a camper [stove] with you at all times," she told Chowhound. "You never know when you're going to need it." While few people likely need to carry a camp stove with them all the time like Lofaso might, there is still a very practical everyday use for many people. Camp stoves can be a lifesaver for people who are waiting for power to be restored during or after a hurricane, a snow or ice storm or even in the aftermath of a tornado. Whether you have an electric stove at home or you cannot use your gas stove due to an emergency, a camp stove is an excellent tool to have on hand. So, take Lofaso's unconventional advice to heart and double-check to see if you have a camp stove laying around.