The Comforting Inspiration Behind This Kristen Kish Tempura Recipe

If you're a diehard "Top Chef" fan, you probably know the name Kristen Kish. Born in Korea and raised by an adoptive family in the United States, Kish rose to fame for being the first woman of color to snag the series' top title. Since her win in 2013, Kish has opened her own restaurant, Arlo Grey. According to the restaurant's web page, the menu showcases "French and Italian traditions with a nostalgia for dishes from her Midwestern upbringing." Indeed, each dish shares a unique bit of love Kish has for her childhood upbringing.

Kish currently stars in the TruTV series "Fast Foodies" alongside fellow Top Chef Jeremy Ford and Iron Chef Justin Sutherland. She has also launched her own cookbook, "Kristen Kish Cooking," which includes over 80 of her favorite recipes from around the world. Her take on a tempura recipe was even recently featured in a tweet by Rachael Ray

Kristen Kish takes inspiration from her childhood

Tempura is a Japanese dish traditionally composed of battered and deep-fried veggies, seafood, and meat served alongside a soy-based dip. However, Kristen Kish pioneers a broccoli tempura battered with chickpea flour and dipped in cheese sauce, per Rachel Ray Show. Kish credits her tempura recipe to a childhood favorite: broccoli cheddar soup. As many chefs do, Kish used a nostalgic dish as a starting point for something innovative and exciting. Her recipe melds both soup and tempura together, resulting in a cheesy sauce, fried broccoli, and cured Spanish pork tenderloin.

We know you're getting hungry, so get cooking! Whether you take on Kish's recipe or modernize one of your own childhood favorites, put your creative energy to work. Maybe you can update the peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your own kids or put your personal spin on the classic mac and cheese. Not only will your new recipes create memories (good or bad), you might even inspire a new family tradition.