The Saucy Burrito Reddit Wishes Taco Bell Would Bring Back

Over the years, Taco Bell has revamped its menu nationwide several times, swapping tacos and burritos that were getting old and boring with exciting new additions to the menu. However, the chain also has a track record of sometimes axing items on their menu that had, well, a huge fanbase.

Take the 2008 Volcano Taco, for example, the hottest taco on the chain's menu at the time with a fiery red lava sauce that could put today's Taco Bell hot sauces to shame (via Time Out). Or, the Nacho Fries covered in Mexican spices and accompanied by a warm cheese sauce dip, notorious for making frequent short-term appearances on the chain's menu despite its huge popularity. In fact, when Taco Bell bid a final goodbye to its Mexican Pizza, over 150,000 fans signed a petition to bring the pizza back.

Lately, memories of a four-year-old saucy Taco Bell burrito have been resurfacing on Reddit. Now discontinued, Taco Bells fans on Reddit wish that the chain would bring back its cheesy Smothered Burrito to its menu.

Over 900 people signed a petition to bring back Taco Bell's Smothered Burrito

As per Brand Eating, Taco Bell introduced the Smothered Burrito to its customers in 2013, kicking the immensely popular Enchirito — a burrito of sorts covered in warm cheese and sauce — to make way for the new.

The Smothered Burrito filled with chipotle sauce, shredded chicken, seasoned rice, and beans (via the Taco Bell website). The burrito was then "smothered" in a red sauce, sour cream, and a blanket of bubbling, melted cheese. Unsurprisingly, the new burrito became a hit. When Taco Bell decided to take the Smothered burrito off its menu for good four years ago, unhappy fans started a petition on to bring the burrito back. Although now closed, the petition currently has 940 signatures.

Smothered Burrito lovers on Reddit wish that Taco Bell would bring the saucy burrito back. On a thread started in the first week of October, various Redditors wondered why the burrito was axed in the first place adding that it was the best thing on the Taco Bell menu: "This is one of the greatest items they'd ever made." Another Redditor offered a brilliant hack to fellow users who missed the Smothered Burrito a little too much: "You can still have them make it in the drive-thru by requesting nacho cheese and red sauce on top." It might not be the same as an actual Smothered Burrito, but it's better than no Smothered Burrito at all.