Adele Just Shared How She Really Feels About Diet Rumors

It's official. Adele is back in the public eye, ready to release her new album to her fans, and share a small piece of herself with the world (via Vulture). 

Unfortunately, when a mega-celebrity begins sharing her art and image with the public, the rumors about everything from who she is dating to what too good to be true diet she could be on begin to swirl. This is exactly what happened after Adele posted a photo to Instagram celebrating her birthday back in May 2020. Since it was one of the first clear, full-body photos the public had seen in years of the star, fans and the media focused on her appearance.

People started linking her to different trainers and diets, speculating that she had lost weight due to a particular fad or that she had been on the Sirtfood Diet, according to Today. Trainers who had worked with the singer, or at least claimed to, spoke up about ways they thought Adele had lost weight (via The Sun). The tabloids loved it and the rumors spread rapid-fire.

Now, Adele has given her first official interview since 2016 to British Vogue and opened up about the rumors and her opinions on them. 

Adele's response to diet rumors

Adele is slowly easing into the public eye on her own terms as she prepares to release her fourth studio album. She has a cover story out in British Vogue where she talks about everything from the themes of her upcoming album to her relationship with her son. She also set the record straight about diet rumors.

Adele stated that her weight loss of 100 pounds happened over two years as she turned to working out with trainers as a way to cope with anxiety. She also acknowledged that her ability to exercise as much as she did, with the high-profile trainers she had access to, is due to the free time she had as she was "basically unemployed" at the time. She knows that it isn't possible for everyone to dedicate the time and money she was able to.

When asked specifically about the Sirtfood Diet that she has been linked to, she responded, "No. Ain't done that. No intermittent fasting. Nothing. If anything I eat more than I used to because I work out so hard." And as far as the trainers trying to raise their profile by claiming to have worked with her? Adele said a lot of them had never worked with her at all.

Overall, Adele emphasized that her exercise and weight loss was not motivated by image or anything to do with the public. "I did it for myself and not anyone else ... It's my body."