This Dessert Shop Is Turning Heads On Instagram With A Flamin' Hot Cheetos Cake

Honest question: does any food not taste better served with Cheetos? As demonstrated (repeatedly) on the Cheetos Instagram page, the spicy, corn puff snack is a highly versatile ingredient and can be paired with tacos, mac 'n cheese, lattes, and much more. The culinary talent at B Sweet, an LA-based bakery, has given the world Cheetos as a dessert topping.

Introducing the Flamin' Hot Cheetos cake, a three-tier multi-flavored cake that appears to have a chocolate frosting and is topped with a layer of spicy Flamin' Hot Cheetos crumbs. Not sure how you feel about that Cheeto coating? It gets better: the interior of the Flamin' Hot Cheetos cake is arguably also Cheeto-y, with a red, orange, and yellow color scheme that might remind you of the packaging for the spicy, savory snack (via the Cheetos website). 

No word yet on whether the cake itself tastes like Cheetos, but if Cheeto-lattes are possible, a Cheeto-infused baked good seems like a foregone conclusion. The novelty dessert is the latest creation out of B Sweet, debuting this weekend and available for a limited time, per the company's Instagram post. Supporting the Flamin' Hot Cheetos cake in its debut are the Halloween Circus Animal and Red Velvet Tres Leches cakes, also limited-time offers.

Flamin' hot responses

B Sweet is owned and run by pastry-chef Barb Batiste, who combines her experience cooking desserts for her Filipino family with a penchant for developing innovative handwritten recipes (via the company website). The company has a following on Instagram of over 120,000 users and boasts a playful and highly Instagramable menu of cakes. The collection of hybrid-recipe cakes includes a Fruity Pebbles cake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cake, Pop-Tart cake, and many others (via Instagram).

The Flamin' Hot Cheetos cake appears to be one of B Sweet's latest creations and is already grabbing attention. The recent Instagram post showing off the new cake has received over 2,000 likes and numerous emoji-filled comments. "I thought I had seen it all and bomb ... I was wrong ... Looks so delicious," remarked one fan. Another B Sweet-follower, based in the Midwest, lamented the fact that the novelty cake was only available in LA: "Man I wish y'all can mail this to Minnesota," they wrote. Others were skeptical, not quite on board with the concept of a Cheeto-cake – and many others tagged their friends in the comments, uncertain of what to make of the envelope-pushing dessert. However they decide, they should decide soon: the Flamin' Hot Cheetos cake is only available through Sunday!