Red Bull's New Flavor Is Perfect For The Winter Months

They say "Red Bull gives you wings," but it might be more fitting to say that it gives big air to snowboarder Hailey Langland. Langland is a Red Bull athlete helping the brand advertise a limited-edition drink that's perfect for cold and snowy months (via PR Newswire). Called the Red Bull Winter Edition Pomegranate, this seasonal offering is described as having "the taste of pomegranate with notes of sour cherry and red berries." UC Davis Magazine called the pomegranate "the best winter fruit," noting that it normally reaches maturity in the winter and has an ideal color for decorating wreaths and tables during the holidays. So maybe you could think of this pomegranate-flavored Red Bull as a can of caffeinated Christmas or a different winter holiday.

Enjoy it straight from the can or try a suggested Red Bull mocktail recipe that you can make at home, like a "Northern Lights" which contains ginger syrup, lime, and coconut water (via the Red Bull website). The flavor can also be used to mix together a Crimson Cooler, which adds lavender, lemon, and vanilla to the ingredient list. 

Available since October 4th, it comes in 8.4-ounce and 12-ounce matte red cans. Initially, they'll be on offer at select locations, including 7-Eleven. However, in November, you'll be able to find them in stores across the country. For those who want to dive deeper, you can explore the ingredients and nutrition information for this product as well.

What's in Red Bull's winter edition?

Red Bull energy drinks use a special formula to provide consumers with a boost. The winter edition features a mix of caffeine, B group vitamins, sugar, and the amino acid taurine (via the Red Bull website). (It may surprise some readers to know that the amount of caffeine in a Red Bull is 80 grams, placing it on roughly the same level as a standard cup of coffee.) The B-vitamin group contains niacin, also referred to as vitamin B3, and pantothenic acid, which is also referred to as vitamin B5. Additionally, it contains B6 and vitamin B12.

While Red Bull does have sugar-free options, it does not appear that there will be a sugar-free winter edition. An 8.4-ounce can contains 27 grams of sugar and adds 110 calories to your daily intake, per the company website. So if you're looking for a sugar rush to wash down your caffeine and taurine or you're just dreaming of a red winter, you might want to give this pomegranate-flavored drink a try while it's available.