The Spicy Sandwich Anthony Bourdain Called One Of His Best Recipes

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was a talented man who came up with some incredible dishes in the kitchen. According to CNBC, Bourdain especially loved meat and was open to trying all kinds of dishes from different parts of the world. One of his favorite items was the choucroute garnie, a French dish that is basically sauerkraut served with pork and sausage. 

Anthony Bourdain really enjoyed eating at delis, by the way. In 2016, he put up a photo of a yummy sandwich from Pastrami Queen in New York. "Straight off the plane. 10 A.M. The joys of travel are many, but sometimes there's no place like home," the chef wrote on Instagram. Comfort food at its best, huh? According to Cheatsheet, Anthony Bourdain loved a spicy sandwich recipe of his own that he shared with his fans in his cookbook, "Appetites." It was a pork chop sandwich with a yummy twist.

It was the Macau-style pork chop sandwich

Per Cheatsheet, Anthony Bourdain was partial to this sandwich recipe himself. In fact, he called it "possibly the most delicious thing in 'Appetites.'" Bourdain's crew members were big fans of the sandwich and couldn't get enough of it. According to Salon, the crew kept finishing off the samples while shooting because the sandwiches were that tasty!

The Macau-style pork chop sandwich primarily focuses on pork chop coupled with irresistible chili sauce. It also has soy sauce, garlic cloves, and sesame oil among other ingredients. As per the recipe posted by Porter And Charles, it takes approximately 45 minutes to prepare the dish. This was inspired from a popular street snack in Macau: the pork chop bun. The recipe does require a bit of hard work and asks home cooks to pound the pork with a meat mallet. Rest assured, the final results are worth it.