This Martha Stewart-Inspired Wedding Cake Fail Has TikTok Laughing

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, "A splash of black on an otherwise white wedding cake can turn the traditional tiered design on its head." Indeed, the use of the colorless color, black, in the context of wedding decor has been said to suggest that the affianced couple is both sophisticated and possesses a "strong sense of design," according to Top Wedding Sites. Produced by wedding cake baker Cake Life Everyday and photographed by Seattle and Leavenworth wedding photographer Tonie Christine, one wedding cake pictured on Stewart's website was an asymmetrically-stacked three-tier work of wedding cake artistry featuring smooth white icing, accented by creamy black icing smudges placed vertically along one side. Apparently, that image was enough to inspire TikTok user @AGWright1231, a style-forward bride-to-be, to have her own cake designer reproduce it for her big day. 

Well, as you might have already guessed, things didn't quite turn out the way she had planned. "So we picked up our wedding cake," @AGWright1231 said, along with a video showing what the Martha Stewart-inspired wedding cake was "supposed to look like" as well as what the "knockoff" version ended up looking like. Good thing the bride-to-be has a sense humor. Here is why this hilarious wedding cake fail has had TikTok laughing for days. 

Maybe think about not trying this at home?

When TikTok user and bride-to be, @AGWright1231 picked up her wedding cake, she had a right to expect the finished product would be a dazzling, well-executed knock-off of the stylish white-with-black wedding cake pictured by Martha Stewart Weddings. She had, after all, provided her wedding cake designer with a photographic depiction of the cake that had inspired her. However, when said wedding cake designer revealed the final product, pictured above, it was the cake-fail that could literally be seen and heard around the TikTok universe.

As disappointing as the situation may have been, she did appear to have a sense of humor about it, posting to her TikTok feed a video illustrating what the cake was meant to look like, contrasted by how it actually turned out — and accompanied by the whimsical hashtags, #CakeFail, #ExpectationVersusReality and #ImFine, among others (via TikTok). Of course, the fact that the TikTok-verse saw the humor appears to have helped ease her pain over this epic Martha Stewart-inspired wedding cake fail. "I've seen a lot of baking fails, but this one takes the cake," one sympathetic TikTok punster commented. "I actually belly laughed out loud," wrote another, "So the cake is having a positive impact on the world." 

In the end, the intrepid @AGWright1231 rallied by recruiting a talented cake artist friend to do damage control (via a TikTok update). Apparently, that turned out beautifully, and the rest of the wedding went off without a "hitch."