The Food Amanda Freitag Calls Her 'Guilty Pleasure'

There is no shortage of quick and affordable food options in the U.S.: from a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos to Panera's mac and cheese to an Oreo McFlurry. Of course, everyone has their personal favorites, whether for sentimental reasons or they just can't get enough of a new flavor. So if you're someone who enjoys the occasional (or frequent, no judgement!) treat, you're certainly not alone.

Even professional chefs crave delicious foods that most people probably wouldn't expect to find on a fine dining menu. Take Amanda Freitag, for instance. Though the "Chopped" judge and celebrity chef has eaten — and cooked — thousands of high-quality, high-end meals in her lifetime, that doesn't mean she only orders the tasting menu at Michelin starred restaurants. Freitag shared with the Food Network that she does sometimes crave something decidedly ordinary (though just as delicious) — and when she does, nothing else will do.

Amanda Freitag loves burgers

It seems that Amanda Freitag is more team savory than team sweet. When the Food Network asked the "Chopped" judge what her "guilty pleasure" is, she responded, "I would have to say burgers. When I get that craving for a juicy, meaty hamburger, there is nothing else that can satisfy me."

However, if you think Freitag needs some sort of over-the-top, gourmet burger creation that involves Wagyu beef and black truffles, you'd be wrong. In an interview with the Sheboygan Press, the chef described exactly what her perfect burger consists of: "I like a patty ratio of 80/20, there must be cheese, I like an easy melting cheddar or Swiss and there has to be a soft bun for the perfect 'bite down.'" And as for her preferred toppings? "My first choice is to have a ketchup and mayo-based 'special sauce' that includes pickles, but if that is not available I will add ketchup and pickle," she explained. Easy-peasy.