This TikTok Bartender Is Begging You Stop Stealing Glasses

TikToker Badass Bartender is fed up. Customers are stealing glasses from her bar, she's not pleased about it, and she makes a compelling argument for why you should stop.

The user posted her diatribe begging drinkers to leave their glasses at the bar after finishing their cocktails instead of swiping them into their purses and taking them home. This post was all in response to a post by HaleyDito, which features a unique glass shaped like a rose. "You're coming home with me," HaleyDito says in the video. Badass Bartender posted her initial reply in which she states, "Please stop doing this. You can buy almost any glass from a restaurant on the internet. This glass was $13 on Amazon." But Badass Bartender wasn't finished quite yet. A few days later, she posted a much longer TikTok laying out specific reasons why you should stop stealing glasses, and she makes some pretty great points.

The TikTok starts with perhaps the most obvious reason why you should stop stealing glasses: "It's stealing so, it should be pretty self-explanatory," she says. Then, impressively, she goes point-by-point, claiming first that many drinks are designed to be served in certain glasses based on measurements of ice and liquor, therefore, they cannot be served in other glasses when the primary glass goes missing.

There are easy and honest ways to acquire glassware

Customers often visit the same bars frequently for the same cocktails, and they look for them to be served in their specialty glasses. "Those people aren't going to be happy when I say, 'Hey, we can't serve that cocktail because we don't have enough glasses for it because everyone keeps stealing it.'" When glassware runs low, service slows down. Ultimately, "If you are interested in a glass, feel free to ask the bartender. A lot of places will sell you glassware," she says.

Badass Bartender might make a compelling argument, but the internet might not be buying it. As of this writing, HaleyDito's TikTok has 895.7K likes, while Badass Bartender's longer, second video has 79.4K likes, although, notably, the latter was posted about a month later. Comments are divided, too, with some TikTokers falling on HaleyDito's side, and others on Badass Bartender's side. User Hazza writes, "Take that glass miss ma'am and tip your bartender well. Karen will be okay!" However, TikToker Halee also stands in criticism of HaleyDito's behavior. "As a former bartender, don't. You don't get paid when you're out of glassware to make drinks and guests leave. This was always the worst," Halee wrote (via Daily Dot).

In the end, Badass Bartender stands firm with her plea. "Don't do that. Just overall, don't steal glassware."