This Costco Shopper's Bizarre 'Face Mask' Has Fans Laughing

While there were plenty of trends and cultural phenomena to come out of the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, one thing no one was short of was funny masks (via Fatherly). Funny masks aside, one Costco shopper wore quite a creative adaptation of a face covering and other members couldn't stop looking. One person even uploaded a photo of the unusual sight to Reddit on October 12.

According to the photo, it looks as though the Costco shopper had taken a water jug, such as one that would fit into a water dispenser, and cut the bottom of the jug off. The person then put the water jug over their head with the mouth of the jug on top, up over his head. With that, the Costco shopper simply went about his business among other normally masked shoppers. The photo was simply captioned, "Just Costco things." Naturally, Redditors had plenty of thoughts on the situation.

This is what Redditors are saying

One Redditor suggested a different vessel that could work as a homemade face shield. They wrote, "You could probably pull this off with the UTZ Pork Rind Barrel without having to modify it." Someone else commented on the photo, saying, "Needs some anti-fogging aid. I'd be curious how this performs versus various masks."

Others on Reddit simply had a great time cracking jokes over the unusual choice of face shield and protective covering. One comment read, "eventually this covid thing will be all bottled up." Another said, "Would you call that a tall drink of water, or...?" Another Redditor wrote, "poor fella's drowning."

Clearly, people got a kick out of the sighting. However, some were clearly unphased by the oddity of the situation and that it took place at Costco. However, someone did make the point that this could also have easily been spotted at Walmart. Regardless, perhaps more people will begin to get creative with their face coverings.