Even Ina Garten Struggles To Make These Dishes

While her fans would love to claim that Ina Garten can make almost anything, she does have a couple of weaknesses. Apart from her disdain of cilantro, the food personality does actually avoid making a couple of dishes herself. Though other famous chefs might have a long list of dishes they hate to make out of inconvenience or aggravation, Garten does not like to make two dishes simply because they are complicated (via Fine Dining Lovers). The celebrity cook might have the skill to make the two dishes she struggles with, but that certainly doesn't make them any more pleasant to make.

In true Garten fashion, she likes to keep things simple, classic and relaxed — all of which the dishes she struggles to make are not. "There are things that just take too much time, like Bouillabaisse. It takes a long time to make a classic Bouillabaisse or a duck confit," Garten told Food & Wine. "I love to order them in restaurants. If I spent two days making dinner for my guests, and they eat it in two hours, they can't possibly appreciate it enough. I think those are great [at restaurants]."

This is the second dish Ina Garten struggles to make

The other dish is actually a topping or condiment for other foods. "Anything that has to do with a demi-glace. I can make a demi-glace but who wants to?" Garten asked (via Food & Wine). For those that are not familiar with it, demi-glace is a French sauce that can also be used to make other sauces too. Like Bouillabaisse, the "Barefoot Contessa" star finds demi-glace far too tedious and time-consuming.

"Whereas at a restaurant, they have people that do that," she explained. "I like to make really simple, absolutely delicious food that takes a couple hours to make, and I'm not crying and exhausted and sweating." Even though Garten might struggle with these dishes or prefers to avoid them, she clearly is doing something right. With her many fans and countless simple, but elegant recipes that fill her cookbooks and television shows, she is certainly talented.