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10 Popular Dairy-Free Coffee Creamers, Ranked Worst To Best

The universe of dairy-free coffee creamers seems to trump the real dairy options these days. You can "dress up" your coffee with all sorts of flavors and high-profile ingredients, including oats, almonds, cashews, and beyond.

According to Huffington Post, large manufacturers are dominant in this arena, including Silk, Califia Farms, and So Delicious. But if you're perusing the creamer section in a hip boutique grocer, you'll likely see smaller players like nutpods and Ripple. Even though all of these are presumably "healthy" options, proceed with caution — many contain mountains of trans fats, liquid sugar, fillers and highly processed ingredients — a raging circus of dietary baloney.

Most non-dairy coffee creamer folk will also concur that it's extremely burdensome to find one that actually tastes good without that bizarre cardboard after-taste that ruins the nuanced flavor of coffee itself. Below, we're evaluating popular non-dairy creamers and ranking them from worst to best, so you can make an informed splash in your cup of joe.

10. Milkadamia Unsweetened Vanilla Creamer

Perhaps the elegant macadamia tree design enticed you to try "Milkadamia Creamer." What's not to love about a vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free, and dairy-free creamer with only 15 calories per serving? The nutrition panel on this one is pretty pure for the most part too — only containing macadamia milk, cane sugar, sunflower oil, coconut cream, and a few ingredients that are primarily thickening agents. 

When we think of the macadamia nut flavor profile, most of us think about its divine richness. In fact, many expect to evoke the same sentiments with this creamer. But we're sad to report that several consumers complain it lacks much vanilla flavor and the consistency is a bit too watery.

"Not impressed, but it is maybe one of those things someone else will love. I like thick and creamy and am not a complete health nut and feel this is made for someone else. The texture for me was on the watery side and the vanilla flavor could have been a little more accented," Amazon purchaser David wrote in a review. Other reviews mention that it's "bland and thin" and simply lacks much flavor. 

9. Natural Bliss Almond Milk Creamer

Coffee Mate is a trusted name in the land of creamers. In fact, they're constantly releasing new flavors that keep consumers on their toes. With a litany of options, a non-dairy, plant-based staple is the Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer. According to Coffee Mate's website, it is all natural, infused with almond milk, pure cane sugar, and vanilla extract made from real Madagascar vanilla beans. You might think you could easily "bliss out" here.

Even though the brand name elevates its credibility, lots of reviewers aren't advocates. One reviewer noted the creamer's curdling, and stated, "Seems this isn't an isolated issue...[maybe] it's a temperature thing...the separation impacts the experience because it looks gross and that cause[s] less enjoyment of breakfast."

Countless reviewers also seem to echo this, which is concerning. Needless to say, we suggest sticking with the other options Coffee Mate offers.

8. So Delicious Dairy Free Organic Creamer

So Delicious is the reigning queen when it comes to non-dairy creamers — you can find an assortment in basically any store, with a multitude of flavors ranging from snickerdoodle oat milk to french vanilla. French Vanilla Coconut Milk seems to populate most shelves, with ingredients such as organic coconut milk (filtered water and coconut cream) and organic cane sugar. It also claims to be USDA organic and vegan with 3g of sugar per serving.

According to fans, it "used" to be a go-to choice, but the recipe suddenly changed, which isn't faring well on the internet. Reviews on Go Dairy Free mention the old formula was more shelf-stable, thicker, and creamier, but the new rendition is glaringly thin and separates.

"I have used the original and French Vanilla since I first found it in grocery stores years ago. I absolutely loved it. I am allergic to milk, almond and soy so this was working out great. Since the recipe change I have had digestive issues daily. I have since stopped drinking it and the symptoms have abated. The new recipe has a chalky taste and is not near as good as the old recipe," reviewer Danny Emel exclaims.

Unfortunately, this one is ranking at the bottom of our list for good reasons.

7. Califia Farms Almondmilk Creamer

Coming in smoking hot as another big mover and shaker in the space, Califia Farms is known for its wide range of flavors and is available in the U.S. at stores like Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and more. Most well-known in this lineup is Califia Farms Almondmilk Creamer with coconut and vanilla flavoring. It's 100% plant-based, containing fewer calories and sugar than most competing creamers. Comparatively, the nutrition panel almost matches So Delicious, with the addition of almond milk of course. In general, this one seems to be a crowd favorite, too.

"With a taste like liquid ice cream, it's hard not to love these insanely sweet flavors. Just a few splashes adds dairy-free, soy-free indulgence to any cup of joe or tea. Plus, they disperse seamlessly for a full-bodied experience," Alisa Fleming said in her Go Dairy Free review.

Even though it's viewed as a sweeter, non-dairy treat, a few reviews mention its thicker consistency, almost reminiscent of lumpy yogurt, which is why it's a mid-tier creamer.

6. Ripple Plant-Based Half & Half

If you live near a Target, you'll likely catch sight of Ripple with its bold and progressive packaging. This one touts all of the labels: 100% vegan, lactose-free, nut-free, soy-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free. Ripple claims to be a decadent, plant-based half and half that tastes just like the real stuff, but much more nutrient-dense. It consists of pea protein and velvety sunflower oil. Also, its dualistic powers make it a catch — you can use it for cooking too.

Kitchn Food Editor Meghan Splawn has tried every non-dairy creamer and claims this one is her favorite. "Ripple's half-and-half doesn't break, curdle, or clump in hot or cold coffee, which many non-dairy creamers do. It tastes almost exactly the same as regular half-and-half, and it doesn't require a longer pour (i.e., a bigger portion) because it's just as creamy."

On Go Dairy Free, this one seems to glean mixed reviews, but it all comes down to your personal flavor preferences.

5. nutpods Unsweetened French Vanilla Creamer

Nutpods carries an array of creamers for everyone — even in the sweetened and unsweetened categories. The Unsweetened French Vanilla with almond and coconut creamer originally put nutpods on the map and continues to remain a bestseller. It exudes the essence of fresh vanilla beans and only a subtle hint of natural sweetness. Magically, this creamer only contains 10 calories, 1g of total fat and 0g of carbs, sugars and proteins. You'll notice over 900, 5-star reviews on the nutpods site.

"They are magicians over at nut pods! How do they make their product so creamy and the perfect flavor with no sugar?! Simply amazing and the perfect way to make my mid afternoon matcha even more luscious!" raved a review from Michell N on the nutpods website.

It's safe to say that this is a community favorite and a great entry point into the land of non-dairy creamers.

4. Chobani Oat Coffee Creamer Vanilla

Known for their cult-favorite creamy greek yogurt, Chobani is rising in the ranks when it comes to non-dairy creamers. The Chobani Oat Vanilla stands out, made with a rich organic oat blend, organic cane sugar, natural vanilla extract, and sea salt. On the health spectrum, it actually is one of the most nutrient-dense, with a substantial source of vitamins A and D. Like many of its contenders, it's also gluten-free, and non-GMO.

"I have never really liked regular dairy milk, but the other alternatives have never quite been my favorite either. This on the other hand is phenomenal!! I absolutely love Chobani's oat milk creamer. The vanilla version is slightly sweeter than the plain. This is good for baking, cereal, and many other things. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would," Influenster reviewer rayleneo mentioned on Target's website. 

Even though this is a slightly newer non-dairy creamer find, it universally tastes great and seems to be a multi-purpose product in the kitchen.

3. Silk Dairy Free Soy Creamer

Imagine splashing your cup of joe with pure, non-dairy vanilla ice cream. We're sure you'd slurp that up in a few seconds. Silk Vanilla Dairy-Free creamer is pretty much vanilla ice cream's non-dairy cousin, in a liquid form. It's smooth as silk, hence the name, and only contains a few minimal ingredients such as soymilk, cane sugar, and natural vanilla flavoring. It contains zero artificial sweeteners and 0g saturated fat per serving. Many claim it's a non-dairy creamer staple — if you can find it.

"I have tried almost every vanilla dairy free creamer out there and none match up to Silk Soy Vanilla Creamer. My whole family drinks it in their coffee, even those that aren't allergic to dairy like I am. It also tastes great in iced coffee as well," Reviewer Naomi wrote on Go Dairy Free.

Again, this one is more of a dessert, but we guarantee you won't pick up any unappealing aftertastes.

2. Laird Superfood Creamer Original

Many describe Laird's creamers as completely game-changing, checking off both the health and taste boxes. Created by prolific surfer Laird Hamilton, this clean, plant-based creamer only contains whole food ingredients and is also sustainably sourced. The original non-dairy creamer contains shelf-stable coconut milk, 100% pure coconut sugar, organic extra virgin coconut oil, and aquamin (a sort of seaweed-derived calcium with a whopping 72 minerals). It's also dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, and non-GMO.

"So good! I don't drink caffeine any longer but I cherish my coffee routine. These superfood creamers have given meaning and purpose to that decaf coffee routine by supplying me with sustained energy throughout the day and an indulgent escape every morning," verified buyer Gregory C. noted.

This is the only powder creamer on our list, but it certainly ranks high, simply due to its undeniable purity, exceptional taste, and non-chemical aftertaste.

1. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Inspired Non-Dairy Creamer

Perhaps this non-dairy creamer will minimize your daily trips to Starbucks for a sweet Caramel Macchiato. This "Starbucks At-Home” product combines a rich blend of almond milk and oat milk, enlaced with layers of caramels and faint hints of vanilla. Like the Silk Vanilla Creamer, this one embodies dessert-like qualities, but makes for a tasty non-dairy option. Along with many of its contenders, this one is dairy-free and soy-free. 

"I am not sure how I survived this long without this product. The stuff has totally changed my at home coffee game. I truly hope Starbucks continues to make this and develops more flavors like a mocha or a vanilla!! In the meantime I will continue to drink the Caramel like it's water," a buyer commented on the brand's website. 

Go Dairy Free reviewer Rebecca agrees with this sentiment "This is so thick and creamy, with delicious flavors. I tried the Califia Farms one because the bottle looks interesting and people rave about it, it was watery and not satisfying. The Starbucks one is just delicious, and I love knowing I can have the flavor of caramel while having no dairy."

If you're in the mood for a non-dairy sweet treat, this one will satiate all of your cravings!