Trader Joe's Top Selling Pasta May Surprise You

When it comes to the ultimate comfort food, pasta is hard to beat. Cheap, versatile, and convenient, this Italian staple has an incredibly long shelf life, and one box of pasta usually only sets you back a dollar or so. But the best part about pasta? The infinite variety of sauces. Whether you want to snack on a bowl of pasta salad, tuck into a plate of lasagna, or chow down on some good ol' mac n' cheese, every pasta dish sits just as well in your stomach. And with the numerous pasta shapes, from fettuccine, to spaghetti, to tortellini, there are countless pairing possibilities when it comes to pasta. Not to mention, it's fairly simple to make. Even amateur chefs can boil up a pot of pasta and prepare a simple but delicious sauce to go with it. 

When it comes to the pasta universe, the varieties are endless. Every person and every household has a pasta that they gravitate towards most when they walk into the grocery store. But what is the most popular pasta variety? On the Trader Joe's podcast, the beloved American grocery chain reveals what their number one selling pasta is — and it's probably not what you would expect.

TJ's most popular pasta is Hearts of Palm

In episode 40 of the Trader Joe's podcast, Jasmine, the category manager of grocery at Trader Joe's, answers questions regarding TJ's pasta stash. First and foremost: How many pasta varieties does Trader Joe's carry? "Oh goodness," she starts off. "I'm pretty sure it's in excess of 30." According to Jasmine, most of the traditional pasta varieties that are sold at Trader Joe's are made from wheat semolina, but the chain also carries pasta substitutes that help meet the dietary needs of those who are unable to consume pasta. "In fact, our number one selling pasta isn't really a pasta," Jasmine continues. What is it then? Hearts of Palm pasta.

If you have never heard of Hearts of Palm, it is not a carbohydrate but a vegetable, which comes from the inner core of a palm tree (via Netrition). For those who are gluten-free, vegan, or trying to cut down on carb intake, Hearts of Palm makes an incredible pasta substitute. According to Eating Well, the Trader Joe's Hearts of Palm pasta product includes three servings that are a mere 20 calories and 4 carbs each. The noodles are similar to linguini in shape, and the "pasta" tastes most similar to artichokes.

According to Jasmine, the Trader Joe's Hearts of Palm pasta is so popular that the grocery chain is constantly struggling to keep this fan-favorite product in stock.