Cereal Milk Fans Need To Know About This Upcoming Nestle Product

Sometimes our childhood favorites come back as trendy foods feasted on by adults in the know. Take cereal milk, prized sweet nectar that awaits you upon finishing a bowl of cereal. Thanks to the popularity of Momofuku Milk Bar, there's no need to consume solid food to get to the milk anymore. The Daily Meal reports that pastry chef Christina Tosi created an entire category of desserts by using cereal-flavored milk to make milkshakes, panna cotta, and soft-serve ice cream. While Tosi went with Corn Flakes sweetened with brown sugar for her original rendition, if you're simply looking for cereal-flavored milk, Nestlé has the product for you.

The @candyhunting Instagram account recently shared the news about Nestlé Sensations' latest Froot Loops cereal milk creation. According to the source, the fruity citrus-flavored drink will hit stores sometime in January 2022. The comments regarding the announcement are mixed, and while some people are eager to sip on cereal-flavored milk straight from a bottle, others are less enthused. At either end, comments range from user @lushfulthinking, who writes, "omg this will be phenomenal," to a naysayer suggesting they remove it from all stores. Nevertheless, it must be popular, since it's not the first time that Nestlé created cereal-flavored milk. Delish reported on the release of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch version at the start of 2021.

How popular will it be?

FoodBev Media says that a previous take on a Froot Loops flavored milk was made by Kellogg's and sold at Walmart. However, originally it was marketed to be a nutritional beverage, with added protein and vitamins. This latest interpretation by Nestlé appears to keep it real by assuming that a sugary cereal will produce sugary milk. Of course, as some of the comments on the Instagram post noted, you can make your own cereal milk pretty simply by soaking cereal in your choice of milk before straining (or eating) the solids. Nonetheless, the shelf life is clearly longer coming from a manufactured source, not to mention the portable packaging.

People undoubtedly love cereal milk, and it goes far beyond sweet desserts and milk-to-go. Gordon Food Service reports that a breakfast-themed nightclub in California even created a spiked version of cereal milk, fitting in with the late-hour breakfast all-night crowd. For those who prefer their cereal milk alcohol-free and purchased at a nearby store, Thrillist reports that a 14-ounce bottle of Nestlé Sensations Froot Loops will sell for $1.99.