Costco's Exclusive Ina Garten Cookbook Has 4 Never-Before-Seen Recipes

There is just something about Ina Garten. Maybe it's her humor; maybe it's her down-to-earth approach to cooking; maybe it's her amazing Hamptons home and garden; maybe it's her fabulous friends. Whatever the reason, Garten has been an idol for many since the days "The Barefoot Contessa" began. 

Now she's paying homage to her past, with a nod to her continued success with a re-release of her first publishing effort, "The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook." The first of her impressive lineup of 10 cookbooks (it was published in 1999), this book contains some of Ina's most popular recipes as well as some tips and tricks for easy entertaining at home. However, as much as we all would love to get our hands on this, it is being released exclusively via Costco Wholesale. True Barefoot Contessa fans will definitely need to find a way to acquire this cookbook and add it to their collection, because it is said to include four new recipes and insightful make-ahead tips that only Ina can inspire, says The Kitchn

What can we expect?

Are the four new recipes really such a big deal? If you love Garten even a fraction of how much Instagrammer @storeboughtisfine does, then you will absolutely need to hunt this version of the original down. (Hot tip: This version has a new cover, so you'll know you're picking up the latest release.)

New to this book are recipes for Roasted Shrimp Panzanella (which The Kitchn says is "everything Ina does right"), Overnight Mac & Cheese Gratin, Brown Butter Skillet Cornbread, and Avocado & Fried Egg Tartines. Not only does Garten include these new recipes, but she also creates these dishes with an air of sophistication that only she knows how to deliver. Delicious food, easy preparation, and flawless plating.

That's not all. This edition of the cookbook features a new introduction written by Garten herself more than two decades after her original masterpiece hit store shelves.