People Can't Stop Talking About This Pizza Box TikTok Hack

Whether it's from a chain like Domino's or your favorite local pizzeria, there's nothing like a hot, fresh slice to start your weekend off right. But the next morning, you're stuck with a table-sized cardboard box filled with the last two slices of now ice-cold pizza surrounded by a graveyard of cheese and topping remains. Come to think of it, why are pizza boxes square instead of round? And what's up with the little plastic table in the middle of the pizza? What do I even do with this giant box, anyway?

Fortunately for you, pizza fanatics are here to help. Pizza boxes are square because they are easy to ship, takes up less space inside of a freezer, and are generally easier to manufacture than a circular box (via Crust Kingdom). That little plastic table in the center of your pizza isn't just furniture for mice, it actually prevents the top of the cardboard box from falling onto your pizza and getting stuck to it. 

But what exactly do you do with the box? Like so many of life's questions, all you have to do is look to social media — in this case, TikTok — for a unique way to turn your pizza box into an easy storage solution.

TikTok's pizza box transformation

"For those of you who don't know, every pizza box can do this," says TikTok user Nate Hunter. First, he rips off the top of the box, and then tears off some of the cardboard on the sides of the box. All that is left to do is to simply fold the back of the box in on itself, tucking in the front corners. Voila: what was once a cardboard nuisance is now a take-out box for your leftover slices. 

Other TikTok users, like Arnie Negrete, have filmed themselves creating this "mini pizza box" hack, proving that it indeed does work. While Hunter may not be the first to discover it — this tweet from 2014 shows the same process — his video helped popularize it. However, there are mixed reactions to his statement that you could do this with any pizza box.

"I work for Papa John's and I can confirm this does not work for every pizza box," says one commentator on Hunter's video. Another user lamented that they tried this hack with their pizza box, and wound up completely destroying it. Some have even poked fun at the phrase "smart box" printed on Hunter's box, asking if their "pizza box is stupid, would it still work?" While it may not work for every box, this hack certainly will make it easier to store leftover slices of Domino's — if they are any left, that is.