Papa John's Jack-O-Lantern Pizza Is Back To Fuel Your Trick-Or-Treaters

Halloween slinks ever nearer, and with it, we see more and more commercial signs of celebration. The latest is Papa John's, which has released its annual Jack-O-Lantern pizza.

As Chew Boom writes, the pizza is primarily a pepperoni and cheese pizza. What makes it special is that the crust is cut to resemble a pumpkin. The pepperoni are placed to line the circumference of the pie and detail the eyes and smile of the Jack-O-Lantern. There are also two olives, one for each eye.

The pumpkin-shaped pizza is available from now through Halloween for $11. However, as the point of the pizza is the design, Papa John's does not cut it. You will have to do that yourself. That said, when they initially launched the pizza in 2019, TheReportOfTheWeek's YouTube review of the pizza included a pizza cutter the company provided.

Papa John's does stress on its website that you can have a no-contact delivery. So households with children can relax as they enjoy a Halloween movie.

Remembering the rejects

Brand Eating announced the introduction of Papa John's Jack-O-Lantern pizza in 2018. So, the company has had a few years to hone the idea. But businesses like Papa John's also have high turnover rates. This means that there is always a chance that a crew of pizza makers fail spectacularly.

In fact, a few did fail with sheer ingenuity in 2019. Papa John's tweeted promotional material about the Jack-O-Lantern pizza, saying, "It's a lot like a normal Jack-O-Lantern, except you're the one with lights in your eyes."

Of course, this attracted pictures in the comments of monstrous pizzas. Their pepperoni was scattered willy-nilly, some came pre-cut, and others failed to conform to the contour of a pumpkin, opting for something more blobby. This happened to one of The Daily Meal's review pizzas, though only one. Papa John's weighed in on the matter, telling Delish, "While most of our Jack-O-Lanterns turn out flawlessly, due to the handmade nature, each pizza will be unique." So order your pizza and see whether this year you'll be tricked or treated.