The Reason 100 Packs Of Tic Tacs Are Orbiting Earth

There are so many mysteries when it comes to space that it will be generations upon generations from now, if ever, that we get answers to all of them. However, there are some questions about the final frontier that we can learn today. Lucky for us, the mystery of the 100 packs of Tic Tacs orbiting the Earth is one that can be solved in our lifetimes, in fact, you can get a lot of questions answered about the candy's voyage today.

It all starts back in 2004 when Navy Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich reported the sighting of a UFO in the shape of Tic Tac breath mint. "​​We don't know what it was, but it could have been a natural phenomenon in human activity. But the point was that it was weird, and we couldn't recognize it," she said in an interview earlier this June, per U.S. News.

While we still don't know what this Tic Tac-shaped flying object was, Tic Tac candies have been to space. 

Tic Tac sent a vessel into space

According to Candy Industry, the Tic Tac space voyage was an homage to the infamous Tic Tac-shaped UFO from 15 years ago. "On Friday, Aug. 6, the brand launched a Tic Tac UFO vessel into space. The craft held 100 Tic Tac packs," the article explained.

The flight was 175 minutes long and the craft reached an altitude of over 121,000 feet. Once out of Earth's atmosphere, the vessel displayed messages from Tic Tac fans to our extraterrestrial friends — assuming they are out there watching.

"I'm sure even ETs appreciate minty fresh breath! #TicTac," the message board of the vessel shared at one point in the journey. "It's one small mint for man, one giant mint, for Mankind(s)," it displayed as well.

"Tic Tac has a very strong connection with the history of space, having launched the same year that American astronauts landed on the moon in 1969 and the UFO reference that has made news for over 15 years now," shared Noah Szporn, senior vice president, Ferrero Sugar Confections North America. "It seemed fitting to send our own Tic Tac vessel into space containing the universal mints while displaying their [fans] personal words into the galaxy."