This Baffling Taco Presentation Has Reddit Angry

If there's one thing people can get behind, it might be Taco Tuesday. And no matter where you mark the weekly occurrence, you'll obviously find the delicious food on the menu. From shrimp and fish to chicken and beef, fans can order or make tacos filled with any number of delicious fillings (via Gimme Delicious). They can choose from corn or flour tortillas or even a lettuce leaf to cut down on calories and carbs. But while tacos can be incredibly versatile, there are some things customers simply don't expect.

While you probably wouldn't count taco salad or even nachos toward being real tacos, there's been an even stranger presentation of tacos to hit Reddit recently. Apparently, somewhere in the world, there's a restaurant serving up tacos inside of water glasses like you would order a flight of beer. And, after a photo and post of said arrangement was recently shared on Reddit, foodies and others were sent into a tailspin.

This is what Redditors are saying

In the photo, water glasses are filled with guacamole at the very bottom. Then, the soft-shelled tacos are turned so one end is pointing down and anchored into the guacamole. The top of the glass contains the wider, more open end of the taco that is nearly spilling with cheese, pickled onion, and pico de gallo.

When Redditors saw the photo, they certainly had a lot of thoughts on the highly unusual taco situation. One user wrote, "No. Just no. Ima lose my stuff to the bottom of a glass. I want a taco. Not a deconstructed [taco-layered] salad." To that, another person commented, "At least you could mix it if it was a salad. This is a sadness parfait."

Another comment said, "Like does one even begin to go about eating it without getting it everywhere and only eating one ingredient at a time?" That received a seconded response that said, "Right?! It actually upsets me that they'd do this." Obviously, Redditors see these tacos for the problem they are.