You Can Only Get KFC's New Extreme Sandwich In Pakistan

KFC has officially crowned itself king of fried chicken sandwiches — twice. At select locations in Pakistan, the chain is testing the "Messy Xtreme Sandwich," a new kind of fried chicken sandwich served on two "crown" buns.

Promotion for the limited-time menu item kicked off in early September on KFC Pakistan's Instagram, culminating in a six-tile photo-grid post of the premium, double-top-bun sandwich. Shaped a bit like a sphere, the "heel"-less Messy Xtreme features a Zinger fried chicken filet doused in KFC's signature spicy sauce, layered with fresh tomato, lettuce, and onion. (The double hand-breaded "Zinger" has been popular in KFC's international markets since 1984, per PR Newswire.) A top layer of mayonnaise brings a touch of umami to the extra-spicy fried chicken sandwich, which FoodBeast notes retails in Pakistan for 495 rupees, or about $2.89. It's been just a few weeks since the sandwich's Pakistan debut, and there's no word yet on whether the novelty sandwich will make its way over to the U.S.

Fans are loving the sandwich, but are not so sure about the "messiness"

Reviews of the Messy Xtreme so far have been positive, with many KFC fans sharing their thoughts on the sandwich in the comments section of KFC Pakistan's original Instagram post. In particular, fans were impressed with the sandwich's flavor. "Taste is awesome I love it," wrote one satisfied customer, throwing in a flame and heart emoji for good measure. Others called the sandwich "beautiful" and "messi for real," and a few posted heart emojis and "heart-eyes" smiley faces. One reviewer on Twitter even awarded the sandwich a solid "8/10" rating.

While there were plenty of rave reviews, some fans weren't so happy with the product's size. In the multi-tile, photo-grid display visible on KFC Pakistan's main Instagram page, the Messy Xtreme appears to be roughly the size of a dinner plate. Official advertising for the sandwich doesn't make any specific claims about its weight or mass, but the product's name does seem to imply something about its scale, as does the photo in the advertisement. Fans on Instagram were quick to point out that the Messy Xtreme is, in reality, smaller than advertised — and not exactly "messy," either. "Sorry to say it was...very small in size," wrote one customer. "Even [a] kid won't spill it."