This Viral TikTok Reveals The Least-Ordered Item At One McDonald's

Because it is a fast food restaurant, we assume items pretty much sell themselves at McDonald's. But also because customers patronize McDonald's for different reasons, it should come as no surprise that your favorite might be the least popular item on the menu.

In recent viral TikTok, one McDonald's worker revealed the least-ordered item at their McDonald's was the hot tea, which they said was surprising, because their most popular item is iced tea. In their post, TikToker @patulafamilymcdonalds is heard saying: "We bought these stores back in July, and I have yet to serve one hot tea. I actually didn't even know that we sold hot tea until about a month ago."

It appears this isn't the case at just that one branch, but at others too, because as another TikToker, @emopikachu93, commented: "We sold a hot tea the other day. No one knew how to make it." But because one person's trash is another person's treasure, it behooved another TikTok user to point out that: "U.K. McDonald's sells lots of tea."

Tea drinkers may not be missing much

While hot tea can technically be the easiest thing to make on the menu — because what's easier than taking a bag, putting it in a thermal cup, and pouring hot water over it — picking up a cup of hot tea from the fast food giant may not be something you'll want to do if you can help it, at least in some parts of the world. Teadragon rates McDonald's "some of the worst tea you will ever have" and while the beverage is "technically tea and technically hot," the site's writer describes the tea as "tast[ing] rather like it smells; musty cardboard with some bitterness and a slight undertone of 'tea flavor.'"

Poor quality fast food tea might be explained by a number of factors, including the way the bags are stored. As Food52 points out, tea bags need to be treated like loose leaf tea and stored in a dark container with a tight lid, and it's not certain what different chains' practices are. So while McDonald's describes its beverage as "a robust black tea flavor with hints of floral and orange notes," it doesn't seem like everybody is in full agreement.