What Rachael Ray's Favorite NYC Pizza Joint Has To Offer

It shouldn't be taken lightly when culinary star, Rachael Ray, declares your pizzeria as her favorite place to get a slice in New York City. And she did exactly that to Motorino, a NYC-based pizza joint, in an article that was featured on her website. In a post labeled as, "Rachael Ray Names Her Favorite Restaurants In America," the famous chef lists her top restaurants in the country. This list also includes the legendary Mamoun's Falafel and Bowery Meat Company as spots to visit in New York City.

But the celebrity cook couldn't write about New York eats without recommending a place to grab a slice of pizza. And for this television personality, that must-visit pizzeria was Motorino, which you can either visit on the Upper West Side, in the East Village, or in WIlliamsburg (via Motorino). However, if you're not located in or close to the Big Apple, have no fear. The pizzeria also offers nationwide shipping, so you can try Ray's favorite pizza spot without booking a plane ticket.

Motorino menu items and services

Depending on the location you visit, Motorino will have slightly different offerings, but for the most part, the menu is consistent across all its restaurants. Some dishes that caught our eye were the Brussels Sprouts White Pizza and a Brunch Pizza, which is topped with fior di latte mozzarella, sunny-side farm eggs, smoked pancetta, pecorino, basil, and chili oil (via Motorino). And if you're vegan, have no fear. The chain has two plant-based options, which are the Vegan Cremini & Sausage Pizza and La Vegana.

In terms of service, you can hold a private party at the East Village and Williamsburg restaurant to celebrate an event over some good pizza. Furthermore, at these same locations, when you order two pies, you get a third one for free, which is a very nice bonus, to say the least. As part of her list of favorite pizza eateries, Ray also recommends trying Harvest, which is located in Queensbury, New York.