The Spooky Treat Martha Stewart Hated On Her Snoop Halloween Special

Fans of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have something frightfully exciting to look forward to. This year, the beloved duo have partnered with Tasty's Alvin Zhou to host a Halloween party-themed special, "Snoop and Martha's Very Tasty Halloween." The program is streaming on Peacock beginning October 21, and features three teams with three members each competing against one another to create the ultimate immersive Halloween party experience, complete with delicious desserts for guests to enjoy. While all entries were impressive, one team created a dish that Stewart obviously hated.

While the judges were exploring the immersive experience, one treat, in particular, caught their eye. At first, judge Zhou guessed it was an "evil spider egg." When Stewart reached out to inspect it, she realized how odd the texture of the dessert was. Describing it as "hideous" and "really freaky," Stewart was so put off by the texture she at first refused to try it.

Stewart stood by her feelings too

At the end of special when the team who created the dish, The Real Hallowqueens, was judged on their spooky treats, they explained that the dessert Martha Stewart so detested was supposed to resemble a snake egg. As it turns out, the dish was actually a mousse that they had frozen and sprayed with cocoa butter to create a sort of shell on the outside — that's what gave it the odd texture Stewart just couldn't deal with.

After explaining the treat, Stewart told the team she would have "nightmares about the texture." Clearly, it wasn't something she would be able to get over and accept. She even went on to call the snake egg dessert "disturbing." While the team certainly hit the fear factor for Stewart, they might have gone a little too far. It is, however, an interesting technique that viewers could try at home to make their own gross-out snacks. Just don't plan on serving them to Halloween queen Martha Stewart.