Why Chipotle Employees Say You Should Always Double Check Your Burrito Bowls

When most people order a big burrito bowl from Chipotle they are probably just looking forward to digging into the delicious blend of rice, beans, protein, and tasty toppings as soon as they can. But however much you might just want to start enjoying that warm, hearty bowl right when you get it, some Chipotle employees say it is a good idea to take an extra minute or two to check your order before you drive off with it. While it is rare, there is a chance you might find something unpleasant in there that you did not order, as one unlucky Chipotle customer recently found out. 

After receiving their burrito bowl, they were shocked to find a metal bolt nut in their meal. They were so surprised by their unorthodox discovery that they took to Reddit to post a picture of their burrito bowl with the bolt in it, asking Chipotle enthusiasts and employees, "Last night I bit into a bolt nut that was in my barbacoa bowl should I reach out to them?" Most other Reddit users agreed that contacting Chipotle about the strange find was probably the right move. "Oh yeah do. It's probably from the rice pot handle. They tend to get loose and fall off and they must've missed it," explained one user. 

Chipotle will likely offer dissatisfied customers a free replacement meal

Others agreed that telling the company was a good idea, although some suggested reaching out to corporate rather than going back to the store. "Former employee here...I wouldn't bother going back to the store I would contact corporate instead for a free meal," wrote one Redditor. "They should give you a free meal but be aware they might ask for the bolt back to be sent to their facility. I'm not sure if they actually look at it or not, but any time we had a customer say they had a foreign object, we had to ask for it and mail it to Chipotle," another user agreed.

Chipotle has made it pretty clear in the past that their policy is to always ensure their customers are happy with their order, even announcing on Twitter, "If we ever mess up your order, let a manager know or write us at http://chipotle.com/email-us. We wanna do right by you." They also have an option on their website for customers to contact them regarding any issues with their order, and it seems pretty likely that a customer finding a piece of metal in their food would definitely fall into that category (via Chipotle). So, it seems this one unfortunate customer should definitely let the chain know about the error, and as for everyone else — it might not be a bad idea to double check your burrito bowl before you dive in.