The Ridiculous Amount Of Food This Dumpster Diving TikToker Found At Whole Foods

Most of us can agree that wasting food is a big no-no, but according to TikToker Dumpster Diving Freegan, who describes herself as a "dumpster diver exposing waste," things at Whole Foods have gotten out of hand. In a TikTok, the user announces that she decided to take a dive into one of the store's dumpsters to see what products she could find. The results will shock you.

After her haul, Dumpster Diving Freegan films her first video, panning across a spread of breads. "There are nearly 100 loaves or packages of bread here. And this is just part one. ... And the worst part is, none of this stuff was expired," she claimed. "Everything that I found was at least two days before its best buy date and could have easily been donated, frozen, or given to people who needed it. Fortunately, we were able to donate over 90% of what we found to our local food bank. Honestly, this is not okay."

A seemingly excessive amount of wasted products

Part two of Dumpster Diving Freegan's haul reveal includes packages of bamboo toilet paper, eco-friendly cups, a sealed case of baby food, teas, apples, potatoes, pastries, and, the big surprise, four cases of olive oil, which she estimates is worth approximately $230. She noted that the products hadn't been recalled and hadn't expired. In all, Dumpster Diving Freegan estimated that the total products gleaned were worth about $540. In an interview with the Daily Mail, the TikToker claimed, "Many Whole Foods DO donate as they have programs in place. ... The video was to show what kind of unnecessary waste is normal for grocery stores."

Daily Mail obtained a statement from a Whole Foods spokesperson, stating that the supermarket giant does "donate millions of pounds of perishable and nonperishable food to local food banks and food rescue agencies" each year. The spokesperson further shared that in 2013, "this equate[d] to approximately 150,000,000 meals for people in need in our local community."